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You would be mad not to consider Netintelligence

28th November 2005 · Press Releases

"So should you consider Netintelligence Business Edition? The answer must be that you would be mad not to. In today’s litigious climate protecting your corporate assets from abuse should be at the top of an administrator’s action list." This was the final summary of the Netintelligence review undertaken by Server Magazine.

Server magazine recently conducted a full lab test of the new web based version of Netintelligence Internet Security for Businesses and published a glowing report as a result. Describing the product as ‘a comprehensive set of tools straight out of the box, Netintelligence helps with a wide range of internet and computer related problems’.

The key points highlighted by the review included:

* Netintelligence uses an architecture based on end point security. This is the notion that each user PC should be secured as well as possible, rather than rely on a perimeter based model that may fall down when users start to work offline or remotely.

* At the hub of the architecture is a set of central databases, hosted by Netintelligence. The databases keep up-to-date information about your company policies and user-specific data, which is obtained by client machines sending data to the databases on a regular basis.

* The Netintelligence Control Centre is the administration hub of an installation and is where a network administrator will set up the various users’ configurations. This is a hosted application accessible from a web browser, so can be administered anywhere you can access the Internet.

* User data is stored at Netintelligence for a period of 90 days. Once collected an administrator can drill through their data and produce graphical reports (Figure 2). These are in ‘real enough time’ as they are refreshed every minute or so from connected client PCs.

* Netintelligence provides an intelligent alternative to blocking all web access as it allows you to determine which types of sites can be visited and which not.

* A real scourge of business is the proliferation of instant messaging sites. Although they do have their place, few businesses will permit full access to instant messaging applications. Netintelligence gives you tools to track who is using Instant Messenger with a breakdown of the times and dates. It can even record the actual ‘conversation’ that took place.

* It’s all very well managing users when they are in one of your company’s buildings, but what happens when they start to travel and stay in hotel rooms or need access from airport lounges? Netintelligence allows you to monitor users even if they are away from your site. As long as the software is resident on their machines, you can gather usage data and keep their PCs virus protected.

A Netintelligence spokesman, stated: ‘We are delighted with the review that Server Magazine have produced as they appear to have captured the key features and benefits of the product succinctly.


Netintelligence offers a simple way to manage and control laptops/desktops (end points) no matter where the end users are. A complete security service, delivered via the internet, which enforces end point protection in real time, regardless of when, where or how the endpoint connects to the web.

Combining core functionality of Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, Web Blocking, Instant Messenger & P2P control, Firewall, Asset and Usage Management with comprehensive reporting – Netintelligence Internet Security enables the central application and enforcement of policies across physical, geographical boundaries & time zones – the mobile world.

Netintelligence is available in two editions- Internet Security for Businesses and Security & Parental Control for Consumers. Netintelligence is offered as an OEM solution for Service Providers, Distributors and Resellers.

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