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United Solutions Company Selects iomart for Business Continuity

23rd August 2017 · Press Releases

Business Continuity Management image - iomart

American application solution provider United Solutions Company (USC) has selected iomart’s business continuity services to meet its customers’ growing data protection needs.

USC is a Credit Union Services Organization (CUSO) located in Tallahassee, Florida. The CUSO provides real-time core data processing services for credit unions of all sizes and serves customers across 20 states.

To enhance its business continuity, USC realised it required more from a hosting solution than standard colocation or virtual platform management capabilities. The solution needed to have the equipment necessary to support USC’s existing technology platform while providing the managed services and infrastructure to support failover in the event of a disaster.

USC selected iomart to provide a unique combination of cloud-based disaster recovery and colocation facilities in its secure data centre in Ashburn, Virginia. All the critical data needed to run its business in the event of a disaster has been replicated to iomart’s Tier 4 facility, which is approximately 900 miles away from USC’s offices.

“There is increased pressure in the financial industry, at the state and federal level, to make sure we have fully tested disaster recovery processes,” says Jim Giacobbe, President and CEO of USC. “As the auditors have stepped up their game, so have we. For us backup and business recovery is not just happy talk, it’s the real deal and we’ve got that with iomart.”

iomart provides a Disaster Recovery solution based primarily on Dell/EMC systems and storage, replicating critical data to both dedicated and multi-tenanted platforms.

It was important for USC that their business continuity partner was an EMC specialist. “We’ve been with EMC a long time,” Jim Giacobbe explains, “so it was natural that we would look for a good, strong EMC solution.”

The infrastructure supports multiple systems, including IBM AIX, which are hosted and managed in iomart’s secure data centre facilities.

“Helping clients get to the cloud is what we do, but managing complex environments is what we do best,” explains Neil Johnston, Group Operations Director for iomart.

The benefits of United Solutions Company’s enhanced infrastructure with iomart:

Improved Backup: near real-time restore and improved RTOs.

Scalability: USC can scale its storage and computer services up and down according to demand.

Secure Colocation: secure environment in a Tier 4 data center with secure and controlled access and 24/7/365 monitoring.

Connectivity: a diverse dedicated circuit between USC and iomart’s data center ensures continuous replication.

“We have major infrastructure provision and 24 hour support seven days a week from iomart, “USC CIO Sajed Khan adds. “Even if we do get hit, we can sleep at night knowing that our data will be replicated and restored.”

The services iomart provides to USC and other customers across the US are HIPAA and PCI compliant and are certified to ISO 27001.

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