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Threatening Combat 18 email floods the net

29th November 2005 · Our Thoughts

A particularly harrowing email, purporting to be from the fascist organization Combat 18 has been widely circulating the internet this morning. Spoofing the email addresses of many major local authorities, respected UK organizations and public bodies, the email threatens the recipient with violence unless the web site for anti-fascist Searchlight Magazine is removed from the web.

The email message, which has the title: <Recipes Name> We know where you live the rest we are locating , carries the following message.


Pull the plug on from your servers within the next 24 hrs.

We suggest you visit to understand how easy it was to locate your address. We are going to visit your homes very shortly.

The time of our visits will be dictated by Combat 18 who have in the past, had members put into prison for Nail bombs, IRA type Beatings on women with base ball bats and burning homes down with people in them.

The Police will inform you of our tactics when you inform them of this contact.

24 hrs starts now.

Netintelligence noticed the first email at 09.40 am this morning and have since caught 1000’s of copies of it. To date, the following organizations email addresses have been ‘spoofed’ so that it appears that they were the senders:

Birmingham City Council, Burley Council, The Metropolitan Police, Trinity Mirror Group, Lancashire Police Force, Commission for Racial Equality, The UK Parliament, Dudley Council, West Midlands Police, Lewisham Council & Luton Council amongst others.

Netintelligence has detected at least 175 organisations that this email ‘appears’ to have been sent from. Investigation has shown that the top 5 originating IP addresses for the emails appear to have been delivered via a network of compromised machines / botnet previously used by spammers.

Recipients of the email are strongly advised to delete the email and not respond.

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