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The Business End of The Season – What Football Can Teach Us About Cloud Adoption.

12th August 2015 · Our Thoughts

iomart Football Cloud blogThe new football season is upon us. For some it is the end of a long summer’s wait, with their footballing appetite only sated for a few short weeks by an excellent Women’s World Cup, and time to celebrate; for others, the thought of another ten months (plus the Euros) of Gary Lineker and chums is enough to put them off their crisps for life.

I fall firmly in the ‘delighted’ category and I am filled with all the excitement of a child on Christmas Eve. I have spent the past two weeks fixed to my mobile awaiting every football related # as I create the fantasy team that will finally see me crowned office league champion, ending five years of hurt and humiliation of being beaten by a rugby fan in Accounts. It is with the constant reading of blogs, gossip columns and the persistent trawling through social media for information on the transfer of players and potential key changes at clubs that I began to see a similarity in how I and many others search for information on their interests.

The football world constantly changes and this is a key reason for the sheer volume of interest it incites from all areas. As Aunty Entity famously states in Mad Max, “But how the world turns. One day, cock of the walk. Next, a feather duster.” And that is so true of ever changing environments. Technology certainly proves this to be true.

Each and every day we are deluged with news about new software, hardware, platforms, breakthroughs and advances. But how do we make an informed choice? For many of us fantasy leaguers, we’ll settle for Yaya Toure in midfield – tried, tested and trusted – rather than take a risk on any one of Aston Villa’s new recruits such as Jordan Veretout. With our limited knowledge, he could turn out to be the new Gianfranco Zola or he could play football like Emile Zola. Many businesses will follow the same path with technology. Hold fire, see what mistakes others make, what works for some and try and judge the absolute perfect time to update and move their technology forward.

Most businesses have a strategy to move elements of their technology to the cloud, they just do not have the confidence or the plan to enable them to do so. Far easier and less risky to do nothing.

Cloud computing has been the future of business IT consumption for some time, in fact it is no longer the future it is the present. A key benefit of the cloud is the ability to easily adapt, develop and update with any technological advances that come to prominence. Trouble is, whilst these businesses deliberate, their competitors are driving forward. Much like the decisions made by real football clubs; do you want to be Arsenal, constantly reinforcing your strengths in the transfer market whilst not dealing with the weaknesses that are holding you back? Or do you want to be a Barcelona investing to ensure continued success now and in the future?

To put this in perspective do you think your business could use benefits from the cloud that include:

• Critical business data accessible from anywhere
• Instantly scalable resources to ensure cost efficiency
• Increased business flexibility and collaboration

These are just a small sample of the benefits available; no matter what your business needs are, the cloud has a solution.

The football season is just the same as any financial year that businesses comply too. Is it time you started to plan and invest in a title challenge and what you need to accomplish that goal or do you wish to keep the status quo and hope for survival?

‘You can’t win anything with kids’ proved to be a famously false footballing prophecy. Be your business’s Sir Alex Ferguson, invest in the future. Invest in the cloud.


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Andy Croghan

Digital & Social Media Coordinator

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