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1st February 2016

The Value of Hybrid Cloud for the Enterprise

According to a study released by EMC last month, 90% of enterprises view digital business to be their top priority for the next three years. The IDG Research revealed that almost the same number of businesses either already use or plan to adopt a hybrid cloud environment to facilitate… Read More

14th December 2015

EMC Avamar from iomart helps International Greetings Protect Data

International Greetings PLC, one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of gift packaging and greetings, stationary and creative play products, relies on EMC Avamar from iomart to protect its business data. The company, which also produces the iconic Tom Smith crackers that are part of the British Royal… Read More

12th October 2015

iomart Delivers Secure Disaster Recovery to the Cloud using EMC RecoverPoint for VMs

iomart has launched a disaster recovery service, providing a turn-key solution for protecting virtual machines (VMs). The service, based on EMC® RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines, resolves the traditionally complex issue of protecting data stored in virtualized environments, enabling synchronous and asynchronous protection and allowing any Point in Time recovery…. Read More

2nd June 2015

Festival of Choices: Picking a cloud line-up is not as hard as you think.

Festival Season will soon be upon us (and hopefully some better weather!) so what can re-living our youth by camping in a muddy field listening to three days of live music tell us about our IT buying habits? Well, quite a lot as it turns out. Nearly a million… Read More

27th May 2015

iomart Carries Out Storage Migration for leading UK Planning and Design Consultancy

iomart has carried out a major server and storage migration for Barton Willmore, the UK’s leading integrated planning and design consultancy. Barton Willmore works with leading developers and public sector organisations. It recently steered the new £40m ‘Islands’ attraction at Chester Zoo, the biggest development in the history of… Read More

7th May 2015

Don’t let Big Data be a Teenage Wasteland

Living in the world of the cloud, Big Data and the Internet of Things is very much like being an angry, confused and emotional teenager. You are constantly to ‘Do this!’ and ‘Do that!’ and are always reminded that your elders know better. As painful as teenage life can… Read More

31st March 2015

Record. Backup. Delete: I Believe in Yesterday

Record. Backup. Delete. I always associate World Back Up Day with music. Two reasons for this. Firstly the infamous Beatles parody – Yesterday – The Backup Song – that became a viral sensation a few years back but was actually first published in 1999. Written by Sunni Freyer a PR… Read More

9th December 2014

iomart Group plc Half Yearly Results

iomart (AIM:IOM), the cloud computing company, is pleased to report its consolidated half yearly results for the period ended 30 September 2014. FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS • Revenue growth of 28% to £31.5m (H1 2014: £24.6m) • Adjusted EBITDA1 growth of 44% to £14.0m (H1 2014: £9.8m) • Adjusted profit before… Read More

6th November 2014

Data is Forever Event – London Bond Museum

The Data Explosion is gathering pace. With “Q Branch” type gadgets now becoming a mainstream reality, from connected cars to multifunctional pens, data is being generated from a whole range of web connected devices. But should we be worried? What is Big Data? What is happening in the fields… Read More

1st October 2014

Your Data Needs You

Is it your glasses, is it your watch, is it your phone or is it YOU? What exactly is wearable technology? Well it’s currently being hyped, it’s going to be everywhere and it’s coming to something you are going to wear very soon. From a pure marketing standpoint, it’s… Read More

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