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Standing Shoulder to Shoulder with Giants – iomart and the Talkin’ Cloud 100

26th August 2015 · Our Thoughts

Businesman on shoulder of giant - iomart

For the past five years iomart has been proud to be named in an annual list called the Talkin’ Cloud 100 which ranks the most influential cloud companies with ties to the channel. This year we are proud to have been ranked at no 28 on the list – the top ranked company outside the US.

When you look at the giants of our industry who head up the list – Salesforce, Microsoft, AWS, IBM, Oracle are ranked 1 to 5 – I hope it gives some insight as to where we stand in our approach to delivering the best cloud services to businesses in the UK and Europe and increasingly to customers in the United States of America (where we recently opened offices in Florida) and beyond.

The Talkin’ Cloud 100 is created by Penton Technology, an information services company which delivers insight about the technology industry to more than 18 million business professionals across the globe. According to Penton this year’s edition “underscores the flexibility and agility of cloud companies as they give shape to the rapidly expanding market.”

Each year companies have come and gone from the list but iomart has been a constant and we hope this reflects the way in which we have evolved from a straight forward managed service provider to a cloud company that can help modern businesses meet the ever changing challenges they face in the way they create, manage and process data.

Over the past few years we have built strategic partnerships and relationships with the big players – for instance with Microsoft to deliver, manage and bill Office 365 – so our customers can come to us for a wrap of cloud services.

We have invested in Cisco software defined technology and a private fibre network to automate the provision of services from our data centres in the UK and provide huge capacity to carry large amounts of data.

As well as organic growth from new and existing customers, iomart has also grown by making strategic acquisitions – buying companies that bring us new skills to our portfolio such as our backup specialist Backup Technology and more recently the public cloud consultancy SystemsUp.

To show that we operate to the highest industry standards we have also amassed an impressive range of ISO accreditations from the more historic ISO 9001and ISO 27001 to the newest cloud related ISOs 17788 and 17789 – perhaps making us the most accredited company of our size in the market? Our services are available via the G-Cloud digital marketplace and via the Scottish Government’s Hosting Services Framework.

Above all we have invested our time and energy in creating a workforce that boasts skilled computing technicians who provide 24/7/365 support and operate to the strictest Service Level Agreements.

This year, the companies that comprise the Talkin’ Cloud 100 list generated more than $30 billion in cloud services revenue, an increase of 28.6 percent over last year.

The novelty of the cloud has gone. It touches every part of our lives and it has more than proved its value for business. Whether your choice is public cloud or a hybrid mix of public and private, there is no doubt that if you are a growing business your workload will end up in a data centre at some stage. So making sure it is with a cloud provider who understands what you do and can help manage it properly is more important than ever.

You can view the Talkin’ Cloud list for 2015 by clicking here

By Phil Worms, CMO of iomart

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