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Managed Security for your Applications and Infrastructure

Protect your critical systems and data from cyber threats

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Protection for your business-critical data and applications

Award-winning cyber security

We’ve partnered with Alert Logic, the pioneers of security as a service for cloud workloads, to offer Cloud Defender, a solution suite that offloads the headaches that come with managing IT security in-house.

Protect your business-critical assets and data in any cloud configuration.
Benefit from Alert Logic threat intelligence
Leverage Alert Logic's innovative cloud-based security technologies
Meet security requirements and PCI DSS compliance.

Assess, Detect, Remediate, Comply

The Cloud Defender solution combines the managed security expertise of Alert Logic with the managed service competencies of iomart to:


Protects and assess your IT environment for vulnerabilities in real-time.


Constant detection of elusive threats against systems and data.


Execute a remediation strategy before threats have a chance to proliferate.


Helps you to achieve regulatory compliance and standards such a PCI DSS.

Managed Services within the Cloud Defender Suite

In today’s threat landscape, security aligns directly to your risk and the price you put on it. Cloud Defender provides the essential security services necessary to quell your risk, delivering:

Network Threat Detection

An Intrusion Detection System that monitors & analyses your internal and external network traffic for malicious activity or policy violations.

Web Application Firewall

Guards against emerging threats including the OWASP Top 10, while immediately fulfilling the PCI DSS 6.6 compliance requirement.

Vulnerability Scanning

Scans your environment for vulnerabilities against best practices, rules and signatures created and updated by Alert Logic Threat Intelligence.

Configuration Management (AWS-specific service)

Automated asset discovery on AWS provides you with complete visibility of your IT estate, allowing iomart support staff to go in and eradicate outlying vulnerabilities on your behalf.

Log Management

Collects, normalises and aggregates logs from your networks, systems and web applications to provide additional insights into security incidents detected in your environment. Daily log reviewing helps you meet various compliance standards including PCI DSS.

Remediation Process

Once a security incident is detected and assessed by the Alert Logic SOC, it is escalated to iomart customer support. Here, we utilise instruction provided by Alert Logic and our specialist insight of your IT environment to remediate the threat before it proliferates.

In addition to Cloud Defender, we offer Alert Logic’s premier solution for web application protection; a managed in-line, proxy-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) service where you are assigned a dedicated SOC analyst who manages, tunes and monitors the service 24×7, removing the typical headaches associated with WAF management.

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Our management teams work tirelessly to ensure we meet rigorous international standards for information security, business continuity, environmental management and energy management.

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