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.Recipes .Shoes .Careers and .Photos Available from Easyspace

5th March 2014 · Press Releases

First Come First Served for Latest Generic Top Level Domains in General Availability

Four more new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) enter General Availability later today with iomart’s ICANN accredited UK domain name provider Easyspace.

.recipes, .shoes, .careers and .photos will be available on a first come first served basis from the Easyspace website from 4pm today through its partnership with Donuts the largest registry for the new gTLDs.

These gTLDs are specifically aimed at those working in the food, fashion, employment and photography markets: .recipes will give food bloggers and celebrity chefs a specific online identity for promoting their own dishes; .shoes is perfect for shoe retailers, designers, manufacturers and fashion bloggers; .careers can be used by organisations across the education and employment industries to advertise courses and advice; while .photos follows on from the success of the earlier .photography and .camera domain name extensions.

Sarah Haran, Managing Director of Easyspace, said: “There are millions of websites devoted to cooking and fashion so we believe there is likely to be good demand for .shoes and .recipes in particular. If you’re a budding Manolo Blahnik or Nigella Lawson these could be the domain names that help share your passion and expertise with the world online.”
The Easyspace website gives advice on upcoming gTLDs, the different release periods and how to apply to Trademark Clearing House if you want to apply for one of the new gTLDs in the Sunrise period.

Visit the easyspace new TLD web pages or call 0370 755 5088 for more details.

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