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Racks 4 Acres campaign launched by iomart Hosting in support of Cloud Rainforest preservation

13th September 2010 · Press Releases

iomart Hosting has today, launched a simple yet powerful campaign aimed at raising awareness of the plight of the rainforest whilst at the same time providing a practical way of recognising the impact that its own operations have on the environment.

The Racks 4 Acres campaign will see iomart Hosting sponsoring an acre of Ecuadorian Cloud Forest for every additional megawatt of power it consumes in its five UK data centres from September onwards. This is expected to equate to at least 500 acres, which is the equivalent of 500 football pitches.

iomart Hosting’s partner for the scheme is the UK Charity Rainforest Concern. Rainforest Concern was in established in 1993 to protect threatened natural habitats, particularly rainforests and the biodiversity they contain, together with the people who still depend on them for their survival.

Peter Bennett, Director of Rainforest Concern stated: “What appealed to me about the Racks 4 Acres campaign is how simple it is in its approach. The correlation between power consumption, carbon emissions and conservation is a vital element in the bigger climate change debate and this campaign makes that point effectively.”

The acres that are secured as a result of the campaign will be secured in Neblina Cloud reserve in Ecuador.

Phil Worms, Director marketing, iomart Hosting stated: “As a successful and growing hosting company we are seeing our overall power consumption rise on a daily basis, but that makes us no less mindful of our environmental responsibilities and the need for us to use and procure our power supplies as economically and efficiently as possible. We are doing all that we can in this respect, but sometimes we have to wait longer than we’d like before we begin to reap the benefits. Working with Rainforest Concern on this project should bring about a more immediate and positive environmental impact.”

Respected Ecuadorian academic and author, Myriam Calderon, commented: “Speaking as an Ecuadorian, and an environmental advocate, we welcome the support given by iomart Hosting with its Racks 4 Acres campaign. We particularly hope that this campaign will generate vital awareness of the need to protect the Cloud Forest, and that this may lead to a wider understanding of the environmental issues that we face today.”

The campaign also allows iomart Hosting’s customers to directly offset their own IT equipment’s carbon emissions, via iomart’s Customer Control Panel, through participation in Rainforest Concern’s Forest Credits Programme.

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