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Polish entrepreneurs choose iomart to host fast-growing expatriate website

2nd October 2008 · Press Releases

A pair of Polish entrepreneurs who have created a website for fellow countrymen living in the UK have selected iomart to host their servers.

Karol Chojnowski and Albert Fret knew reliability was top of their list when looking for a company to host their Polish-language website

Based in Edinburgh, is an online resource for Polish nationals living, or seeking to live, in the UK providing them with access to news, noticeboards and social networking opportunities.

Karol said: "We have been around for four years, originally starting out as a purely Edinburgh operation but we got lots of requests to create sites for other Scottish cities so we then increased to take in the whole of Scotland.

“However, we then found that about 40% of our traffic was from England so we decided to re-brand to make it a UK-wide site. Since then it has gone from strength to strength.

“What we’re trying to do is deliver a web site that offers something for Poles at every stage in the process of migrating to and living in the UK.

“So those looking to move here can find accommodation, or get in touch with others who already live in the country, while people who have been living here for years can keep up with the news from Poland, buy or sell goods or just network with other migrants.”

To handle the demands of its 650,000 unique users currently uses high performance servers with backups, fully-managed by iomart and housed in a secure, state-of-the-art data centre.

Karol added: “We quickly realised that to be able to run a large service with a high user-demand we would need a robust system in place to help us to develop freely and smoothly.

“For a time we had our servers based in the US, then Germany, but we wanted something geographically closer to home and to deal with a local company that could respond quickly to our requests for assistance.

“iomart gives us excellent customer service. They always communicate well with us. They drew up the specification of our system and got us up and running without any hassle and we’ve never had any problems.

“As a service which relies on advertising for income and a high number of page impressions to drive that advertising, downtime could cost us heavily, therefore reliability of our servers is very important to us.

“iomart guarantees 100 per cent up time and they’ve kept their word.”

Sarah Haran, Managing Director iomart stated: “We are delighted that Emito has selected iomart as their managed hosting partners, and we look forward to working with them as they seek to expand their very successful niche business model across Europe.” currently employs 15 people in Scotland and two in Poland and has plans for further growth.

Karol said: “We have built a good model that we can easily replicate in other countries when we decide to expand further. For the moment though we are focussed on growing the number of users in the UK.”

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