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Online Child Safety Company selects iomart for critical managed hosting capabilities

25th April 2008 · Press Releases

Censorit’s new internet gaming safety service relies on iomart’s hosting expertise

iomart is pleased to announce that it has been selected to provide a complete end to end managed hosting service by Censorit, the innovative internet content filtration company.

Censorit provides a safe surfing experience for children using WiFi enabled gaming consoles such as Nintendo DS™, Nintendo Wii™, Sony PSP™ and portable media players such as the Apple iPod Touch™.

The Censorit solution acts as a gateway between the child and the internet, filtering out websites listed on a global blacklist, and checks for profanities or certain words and phrases within websites that do not form part of the blacklist.

Using the web based portal, parents can monitor their child’s internet usage, action unblockme requests from their child – where the child feels they should have access to a website that has been blocked – and manage their personalised blacklists and whitelists.

Dan Makin, the founder of Censorit, stated: “The great thing about the system is that there is no requirement to download huge software files or install complicated programmes. Internet access is simply channelled through the Censorit system and the child doesn’t notice any difference until they try to access something inappropriate.”

Prior to Censorit’s launch, Dan selected iomart as his IT partner to provide the entire end to end managed hosting service for the product.

Dan stated: “For me iomart immediately stood out from other providers because quite simply they were there when I needed them. They’ve been very, very helpful from day one. The backbone of our company basically relies on iomart – if the servers go down the entire solution is offline and that simply cannot happen”.

As a result, not only does Censorit rely on iomart’s ability to provide a seamless service, but so do its customers. Any glitch in service which resulted in a failure of the filters could lead to some very unhappy customers.

“Clearly this was a serious question for me in the beginning, but iomart’s data centres are fantastically well-equipped and there are so many layers of contingency built into their systems that any concerns I had were very quickly allayed.” Dan added.

Sarah Haran, Managing Director, iomart, commented "We are delighted to have been chosen by Censorit as their hosting partner for this innovative and much needed child safety solution. We have over 10 years experience in delivering large scale ‘always on’ type services so we understand just how critical zero downtime is to a product such as Censorit’s, and are pleased that we have been given the opportunity to demonstrate this. ”

Finally Dan stated: “I’ve always felt that iomart has taken a real interest in the business, and believe me – as someone who has significant experience in the data centre industry, that’s a rare thing indeed.”

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