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19th August 2008 · Press Releases, an online independent worldwide supplier of hotel accommodation, has selected iomart to manage and host its entire IT infrastructure, following its rebrand and relaunch. selected iomart, one of the UK’s leading managed hosting and data centre services providers, after it demonstrated that it would deliver the ‘double whammy’ of significantly improving’s customer experience whilst at the same time reducing its server costs and overheads.

Prior to’s rebrand from, the company’s website and database were hosted with a data centre provider in Italy, running on expensive high-spec servers, with customer searches taking an unacceptable time to produce results.’s technical director Doug Anderson stated: “People don’t want to wait around online for a complicated booking process which takes forever,” he said. “If we can find someone a hotel in five seconds instead of 20 seconds, there’s a better chance they’ll use us again.”

iomart’s bespoke solution to’s problems involved the use of lower-spec servers specifically configured to more closely suit the needs of the casual browser seeking information quickly, and all backed by its 100% business uptime guarantee.

Sarah Haran, iomart’s managing director stated: “We have tremendous experience in designing, developing and managing large scale information and transactional portals, after all, until we sold the business to BT last month, our group owned Ufindus the third largest online business directory in the UK, and we were delighted to share this knowledge with in a practical way.”

This simpler approach proved to be not only cheaper, but provided customers of with hotel searches that Doug estimated to be as much as four times quicker than before – with a significant boost in revenues for the company as a result.

Doug adds: “Our business is selling hotels throughout the world online – if our website is down we don’t get any business, and as well as the immediate problems that would cause, there are also long-term repercussions for users who might otherwise have been repeat customers.

“iomart’s service gives me nothing but complete confidence. For me the most important thing is how much the performance of the website has improved, which has been of immediate benefit to our business.”

Doug added: “iomart has an unquestioning willingness to do whatever needs to be done, which we’ve never experienced before. I often get a quicker response from iomart than I do from our own internal IT department!”

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