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10th September 2015

The future of online collaboration in the workplace

Collaboration is defined as working together to achieve a shared goal. Traditionally in business this has happened through the exchange of ideas during a meeting or in documents sent via the post or email. However our new digital world has changed all that. We now use a plethora of… Read More

1st September 2015

Cloud scalability: App availability without scaling up or out

Scalability on demand is one of the core benefits of the cloud, but in reality, scaling as and when a spike in application demand occurs isn’t typically a smooth process. There are a few options available to scale a cloud environment to accommodate for fluctuations in usage demands: scale… Read More

28th August 2015

It’s Technically English…….

A Redditor and regular YouTuber began a trolling war with a page group about his experience at being pawnd and how it resulted in him rage-quitting and terminating his Xbox Live account. After googling himself in the days after his outburst he realised that his online profile was going… Read More

26th August 2015

Standing Shoulder to Shoulder with Giants – iomart and the Talkin’ Cloud 100

For the past five years iomart has been proud to be named in an annual list called the Talkin’ Cloud 100 which ranks the most influential cloud companies with ties to the channel. This year we are proud to have been ranked at no 28 on the list – the… Read More

19th August 2015

Investing in high capacity network enables business in the cloud

The UK’s enablement of business in the cloud has come under fire again this week after the former CTO of BT Peter Cochrane bemoaned this country’s lack of investment in Superfast broadband. He claimed in a BBC radio interview that the Internet of Things and Smart Cities just would not… Read More

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