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26th October 2015

AWS vs Azure: which public cloud for your business?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft’s Azure offer similar features and work well as stand-alone public cloud solutions in most scenarios, or in conjunction with one another. However, AWS is often perceived as more suitable for start-ups and mid-sized businesses, whereas Azure is seen as fitting for enterprises. The… Read More

21st October 2015

We Don’t Need Roads: Living in the Future with the Internet of Things

Erin Cadigan Today is Back to the Future Day, 21/10/15. Have I arrived to work in my flying car with its barcode registration or riding my hoverboard? Sadly no. Neither am I sporting a Marty McFly-inspired self-dry jacket or self-tying trainers. However I am living in a world… Read More

8th October 2015

Information Security – Protecting Your Business from Cyber Attack

A worldwide study of the challenges companies face in protecting their businesses from increasing cyber security incidents has been published. While it shows that positive steps are being taken by business to address potential security threats in our increasingly cloud-based world, it concludes that the greatest threat still remains… Read More

7th October 2015

Don’t Be A Sloth – Wake Up to Cloud

Sloths are some of the slowest mammals around. They spend their lives sleeping and hanging upside down in trees and occasionally venture down every week or so. So what on earth have they got to do with the cloud? Well, their cautious approach to life mirrors the attitude that… Read More

1st October 2015

Reflecting on Hurricane Sandy from a Disaster Recovery Perspective

The hurricane season is an unfortunate but regular fact of life for businesses operating along the east coast of the United States of America. Three years ago this month Hurricane Sandy swept up the eastern seaboard from the Caribbean leaving death and devastation in its trail.  The combination of… Read More

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