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Netintelligence & XMA Sign Deal to Protect Computers for Children

13th December 2007 · Press Releases

Software will shield pupils from viruses, harmful content and online predators

Laptops given to school children under the Government’s Computers for Pupils scheme will include advanced software to protect them online following a deal between Netintelligence and IT supplier XMA Ltd.

Ni Enterprise Manager, a software as a service developed by internet security firm Netintelligence, provides anti-virus, anti-spyware, web filtering and instant messaging monitoring features and will be installed on computers distributed by XMA under the scheme when requested by local authorities. The service, which was recently awarded the CSIA Claims Tested (CCT) mark, uses the internet to centrally monitor policy compliance and deliver protection across de-perimeterised boundaries and networks.

The software ensures children can surf the web safely while completing schoolwork, protected from viruses, inappropriate content and online predators. The programme cannot be disabled by end-users and works no matter how the computer is connected to the internet.

Ni Enterprise Manager was selected by XMA as it enables the company to centrally set and apply end-user policy across all computers. The firm can then monitor the activities of each user remotely, ensuring that children are protected and that the computer is not being used to breach the policy.

Glenn Place, Services Manager of XMA, said: “The ability to remotely monitor and change filtering settings makes Ni Enterprise Manager very attractive to local authorities responsible for ensuring the safety of children under their care.”

Phil Worms, Product & Marketing Director, for Netintelligence said: “We are delighted to have entered into this partnership arrangement with XMA as they are considered one of the most respected IT suppliers in the UK.

“XMA’s use of Ni Enterprise Manager, to protect school children remotely, demonstrates perfectly the power and benefits that a hosted service can deliver. It does not matter how, when or where the pupils connect to the internet using an XMA-supplied laptop, they can rest assured they will be protected from the threats the use of the internet can bring.”



About Netintelligence Founded in 2000, Netintelligence is leading the market in delivering web based fully managed, internet security services for consumers and businesses. Netintelligence offers the next generation of internet security products – the ‘online’ or Software as a Service (SaaS) solution.

Netintelligence uses the internet to automatically provide a wide range of critical security and protection features direct to an end users computer. An ‘all in one service’ that combines security with comprehensive monitoring and reporting, Netintelligence offers a truly unique service that equally protects both users and their computers from the threats of the internet.

About XMA

XMA is a leading supplier of IT products and services. XMA has been in the business of supplying IT products and services for almost 20 years. Today, with a turnover over £200 million, XMA is supplying more products to more customers than ever before. The company’s basic philosophy of supplying quality products and services cost effectively, combined with knowledgeable friendly staff ensure that its customers obtain the best possible value for money.

About Computers for Pupils What is it?

A £60 million, 2-year programme aimed at helping some of the most disadvantaged secondary children improve their education and life skills by putting a computer into the home. LAs identified as having eligible schools and pupils in their area have been given funding to buy equipment, as well as help and advice covering all aspects of the scheme.

How can it help?

Giving children access to computers at home has been shown to help their education — children that do not have access can be disadvantaged. Putting computers into the home can motivate pupils to learn, help develop key ICT and life skills and give them the same opportunities and experiences as their peers. But it’s not just the pupil who benefits. The whole family, school and wider community can benefit through increased involvement of parents in their child’s education and better communication between the school and home.

Who’s eligible?

Eligibility has been based on a formula to determine some of the most disadvantaged KS3 and KS4 children throughout the country. The final decision about which schools will be receiving the funding rests with each individual LA in conjunction with its schools, based on the guidance provided. Schools which are considered eligible will be contacted by their LA.

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