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Netintelligence V 4 Addresses End Point Security & Zero Day Threats

8th May 2004 · Press Releases

Traditionally most organisations have addressed the network security challenge by implementing a “Maginot Line” approach. This strategy focused on constructing impenetrable perimeter defences, locking down internal systems and closely monitoring internal and external data traffic, looking for potentially dangerous anomalies. This approach is flawed for 3 main reasons: the internal threat (behind the perimeter), change in working practises (mobile/home based employees) and substantial investment required in terms of resource to ensure 100% effectiveness.

Netintelligence V4 turns this approach on its head by securing the Enterprise at the end point level e.g. desktop, laptop, PDA etc.

The Netintelligence Client is the key to providing end point security. This client goes beyond the capabilities offered by other solutions, by combining traditional security features such as anti virus, filtering and intrusion detection with distributed firewall capabilities and effective reporting at the end point. Once installed, Netintelligence constantly monitors, detects, takes pre determined actions and reports upon all activities, both appropriate and inappropriate, on both the local and the extended network. – In real time.

Netintelligence offers three main components: Email Filter & Anti Spam, Anti Virus & Internet Management. The deployment tools allow the Netintelligence components to be easily installed across the network and more importantly, once Netintelligence is installed additional features and functionality can be added easily. Effectively enabling organisations to determine and prioritise their individual requirements now, opting to add components as their needs change – safe in the knowledge that they are ‘future proofing their networks’ whilst maximising the return on their investments.

By deploying Netintelligence, the Enterprise has the total solution for identifying and preventing malicious behaviour, thereby eliminating both known and unknown ("Day Zero") security risks and enabling the enforcement of company security policies. Netintelligence will detect malware/spyware, porn and other inappropriate materials, removable devices, Instant Messenger & P2P applications; provide software/hardware asset management, prevent IPR & Copyright theft, protect from spam and viruses and will monitor all internet and application usage.

Phil Worms, Marketing Director for Netintelligence commented, “We have invested a significant amount of time and resource into the development of V4 and believe that we now have the world’s first holistic commercially available security software product. Many commentators and analysts are now championing the need for end point security and we are pleased that this view endorses the work that we have been undertaking these past 3 years.”

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