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Netintelligence receives top level Checkmark Certification

21st April 2006 · Press Releases

West Coast Labs, an independent test facility for information security products and services, has awarded Netintelligence its prestigious Premium level certification for content filtering products as part of the Checkmark Certification System.

Netintellligence has received a Premium level Checkmark for both its Mail Filter and its Internet Security Products.

Following a series of real-world tests aimed at reflecting the kind of corporate network environments in which the solutions are deployed, the certifications and test results were published as part of West Coast Labs Technology Report Program.

The products were tested against the pre-published test criteria and methodologies with Checkmark certification awarded on the basis of achieving pre-published catch-rate requirements. A Premium level certification was awarded after Netintelligence’s products successfully blocked or prevented 100% of all attempts to reach inappropriate web sites or send inappropriate emails outside of a security policy and that each attempt was logged.

"We are delighted that Netintelligence has been awarded Checkmark’s Content Filtration Premium certification” said Phil Worms, Netintelligence’s Product Marketing Director. "We have spent that past 7 years building our own databases using our dedicated assessment teams and believe that we have now created one of the largest databases of its type in the world. We currently have over 30 million harmful files and web addresses assessed and catalogued and we are adding and average of 100k new files each week. We have always stated that this we felt this offered our customers the most thorough protection available, but now it is very satisfying to have had our technology formally recognised by a respected independent authority such as West Coast Labs.”

The Checkmark system has been developed by West Coast Labs, an independent research and test centre. It provides a reliable means of authenticating products and certifying those of the highest quality.

A copy of the checkmark report is available to download from here: click here

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