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Netintelligence provides the technology behind Safekeeper – the most powerful parental control solution on the market

6th October 2006 · Press Releases

The first all-in-one solution to help parents combat all internet dangers – including the ability to track registered sexual offenders – is released in the USA

GLASGOW, United Kingdom)Netintelligence, the leading hosted security service solution provider, has announced today the launch of Safekeeper in the United States.

Safekeeper is the first all-in-one software program to incorporate the best parental controls available in one complete package. It is easy to install, easy to use, fully customizable, and works automatically – giving parents peace of mind.

Safekeeper offers exclusive, innovative features including:

KidSafe Blocker: Filters and blocks access to more than 30 million offensive and dangerous websites. Safekeeper’s ‘Human Assessment Team’ adds common sense judgment on objectionable content (i.e. the filter blocks “breast,”,but not “breast cancer”). This ground-breaking filter was developed by Netintelligence, an industry leader in Europe.

  • Chat Monitor: Records and monitors all chat and instant message conversations. Parents can print out a transcript to discuss with their children.
  • Time Controls: Parents control when their children can use the computer and set specific hours when they can go online or use instant messenger. 
  • Predator Alert: Powered by Family Watchdog, the recognized leader in tracking registered sex offenders. Safekeeper maps every neighborhood in the U.S., showing where predators live. Users also receive e-mail alerts when sex offenders move into their zip code, including the offender’s name, photo and address.
  • Safety Shield: Allows parents to report suspicious Web sites, so Safekeeper can block such Web sites for other Safekeeper users.
  • SAFEKEEPER and SAFEKEEPER PLUS, which adds Netintelligence’s award-winning anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall security, is now available at national US retailers including Target, Comp USA, Circuit City, Office Max and Christian bookstores. Both products are also available to download at Safekeeper retails for $29.99 while Safekeeper Plus retails for $39.99.


Safekeeper will be managed using Netintelligence’s web based software as a service platform.

The concept for Safekeeper was developed by three men who are also concerned parents of teenagers; Safekeeper is the best product available to protect your family from online dangers. Safekeeper’s creators recognize that many parents are not as Internet-savvy as their children or can’t supervise their computer use 24/7. So the three dads spent more than a year developing Safekeeper, and making it easy for non-technical parents to use.

“We created Safekeeper from the perspective of the average parent. Our goal was to give parents peace of mind, knowing that their children are as safe as possible when they’re online. So, Safekeeper includes a complete set of internet security tools.” says Beau Phillips, Principal in Third Gear.

Beau approached Netintelligence in December 2005 to discuss the possibility of a partnership agreement. “Netintelligence’s comprehensive service platform gave us the technology and flexibility we needed to realise our vision for Safekeeper.”

“It was essential to us that we found a partner that shared our vision of combining a comprehensive service with ease of use, because the best internet protection is worthless if a parent can’t make it work. Netintelligence has delivered on all counts”

Phil Worms, Director Product Marketing Netintelligence stated: “We have been delighted to work with Third Gear on the development of Safekeeper; in fact we have found them to be kindred spirits. It is extremely worrying to see evidence showing that more and more children are being groomed via the internet and that the victims are getting younger. Generally most parents are aware that the Internet can be unsafe and are genuinely concerned for their children’s welfare, they just do not know how to address the issues or where to turn to for help. Safekeeper will now provide American Households with the complete solution and it is as easy to use as switching the PC on.”

Phil also stated: “It will be interesting to monitor the reaction of the US consumer market to Safekeeper, as there has been a number of UK media reports recently about the introduction of similar legislation to that of the US’s “Megan’s Law”, where parents have the right to check the register of sex offenders to see if any of them live nearby. Reaction to the Safekeeper in the States may well lead to repeated calls for a similar product in Europe.”

Katie Tarbox, author and subject of the first landmark Federal case against online predators, and Matt Brodacki, a widely-recognize computer forensics expert and law enforcement official, have joined the fight again Internet predators as spokespersons for Safekeeper.

“Had there been a Predator Alert when I was a young teen, I might not have been victimized,” said Tarbox of Safekeeper, “Still, parents are accountable to their children. Talking to your children is job No. 1, and in combination with the total online protection of Safekeeper, parents have the most technologically-advanced computer security available today.”

Matt Brodacki agreed, “Safekeeper encompasses all the security tools necessary to keep families secure online and integrates them into a seamless product that parents can install simply and quickly.”

About Third Gear

Safekeeper is produced by Third Gear. Third Gear was founded in 2005 when three successful entrepreneurs, and fathers of teenagers, pooled their expertise to discover ways to help parents who are faced with keeping their children safe online. Principals Steve Grossman, Beau Phillips and John Parikhal are united in their goal of pairing tomorrow’s technology with simple usability, and created Safekeeper, a breakthrough product at the forefront of family online security software.

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