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Netintelligence provides 'a duty of care' solution for Manchester City Council

10th December 2005 · Press Releases

Netintelligence has been selected by Manchester City Council to provide internet security protection across its Care Home network. In common with many similar local authorities, Manchester is responsible for the well being of the residents but is not repsonsible for the premises and plant.

Mark Thorne, Manchester City Council’s Information Security Analyst: “Manchester City Council has a number of sites, approximately 80 in total e.g. Sheltered Housing, Hostels, Care Homes etc, where we had installed broadband to provide internet access for the residents. The local management of the computers and connections in these properties is the responsibility of the property owners but the Council has the responsibility for the welfare of the users i.e. the residents. The problem that we faced was deploying the Council’s Acceptable Use and Internet Security policies to protect the residents, across 80 odd sites across Manchester on machines that we do manage and that are not connected centrally to our LAN.

“The work around solution was for the staff in each of the properties to ‘police’ the machines physically and disconnect them at 11.00pm each night. The particular concern was that staff were worried that the computer, particularly internet surfing, may be used inappropriately during the small hours of the morning when they could not monitor its usage. Obviously this was not ideal.”

" By deploying Netintelligence we have we now have central control over the policies that we can apply, monitor and enforce on all of the machines regardless of their physical location. I’m extremely happy with the Netintelligence solution as we have solved our policy enforcement issue, the staff and owners are extremely happy as computer usage within their properties is no longer a concern, and more importantly, the residents are delighted that they can now use the internet 24 hours per day, safe in the knowledge that they are protected and without the 11.00pm curfew being imposed.”

A Netintelligence spokesman added: ‘We are very pleased that Manchester City Council have chosen to use Netintelligence in such a positive way. It is very gratifying to know that the unique features of the product has provided Manchester with a solution to ensure that the Council can offer 24 x 7 internet access to its less advantaged citizens whilst ensuring that they remain protected at all times.’


Netintelligence offers a simple way to manage and control laptops/desktops (end points) no matter where the end users are. A complete security service, delivered via the internet, which enforces end point protection in real time, regardless of when, where or how the endpoint connects to the web.

Combining core functionality of Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, Web Blocking, Instant Messenger & P2P control, Firewall, Asset and Usage Management with comprehensive reporting – Netintelligence Internet Security enables the central application and enforcement of policies across physical, geographical boundaries & time zones – the mobile world.

Netintelligence is available in two editions- Internet Security for Businesses and Security & Parental Control for Consumers. Netintelligence is offered as an OEM solution for Service Providers, Distributors and Resellers.

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