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Netintelligence launch business edition

13th June 2005 · Press Releases

Netintelligence has announced today that it will launch a hosted business variant of its market leading Netintelligence software at the BT Tower on Tuesday 14th June 2005.

Designed specifically for today’s ‘always on’ business, Netintelligence Business combines internet security and management control in one simple to use software package. Businesses can now stop viruses, manage and filter web access, monitor IM conversations, monitor employee time spent on and off line, audit hardware and software configurations with one product. Available in three packages – 10, 25 & 50 machine – the entire system can be managed and administered remotely from any Internet-enabled computer.

Phil Worms, of Netintelligence commented ‘Many businesses are suffering from a large number of internet related threats, from virus through to employee abuse, but do not necessarily have the technical know how or the financial resources to counter them. Netintelligence Business has been created specifically to address these issues and has been designed for simple deployment and ease of use”.

A major benefit of using Netintelligence Business is that it secures and protects ‘away from base’ or mobile workers. As the software is loaded onto the end point itself e.g. laptop, the user is protected regardless of where or how they connect to the internet. This ensures that security and compliance policies can be applied and enforced across the whole organisation regardless of the locale of the employee.

Phil Worms added ‘At the heart of the product lies the online Control Centre. From this web based portal, users of the products can obtain real time reports and administer their particular policies for their employees. Reports can be produced at a total organisation, machine or individual level”.

‘Over the past few years criticism has been levied at companies who introduce some form of acceptable use policy but then have no way of enforcing or policing them effectively. Netintelligence Business provides a very simple yet powerful solution by providing them with the information that they require to manage and control their internet and IT usage in real time. It is our experience that the smaller business requires the same level of protection and reporting capability that the enterprise enjoys but to date has not had a viable one stop shop alternative – we believe that Netintelligence Business edition fills this void.”

Netintelligence is designed for Windows 2000 & XP and recommended retail prices start at £35 per month for the 10 machine edition rising to £145 per month for the 50 machine edition.

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