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Netintelligence & Carphone Warehouse honoured at BCS Awards

20th December 2007 · Press Releases

Netintelligence, the internet security firm, has won a prestigious British Computing Society Medal for the second consecutive year at the 50th BCS IT Industry Awards.

The medal was awarded to Netintelligence in recognition of its work with the Carphone Warehouse in implementing its innovative Mobile Content Management solution into Carphone’s logistics division. Both companies were nominated in the ‘Best Business to Business’ category of the Project Excellence section.

Netintelligence’s Mobile Content Manager was developed to assist Carphone Warehouse process handsets that were returned to them, either as part of contractual agreements or for repair.

These phones are processed manually by either fixing the fault, re-installing/upgrading the software or just checking the handsets for cosmetic faults.

Netintelligence’s Mobile Content Manager has been developed as an automated method of testing mobile handsets for previous customer data at the end of the refurbishment process, and ensuring the handset is returned to a clean ‘factory setting’ state. This ensures customers who receive refurbished phones that do not contain any inappropriate content.

A record is kept of the test and the content of the phone. This provides the mobile operator with an auditable record that can be used to challenge any future assertions that the refurbishment process failed.

Phil Worms, Netintelligence’s Director Product & Marketing, said: “Mobile Content Manager was designed very much with a practical solution to a long standing mobile industry problem in mind, and it’s fantastic that our success has been recognised by the BCS.”

In the Project Excellence section, judges scored entries in terms of innovation, benefits and reputation. Here, innovation was the most important criterion, making up a third of the marks.

Judges not only considered how the projects used new technology or existing technology in new ways, but also how topical the projects were in relating to events like the recent flooding in large parts of the UK or in their use of green technology, which was a new category introduced this year.

"Winning projects typically affect the way IT will work in the future and can change people’s perception of IT. We have always looked for innovation because that is what keeps the profession alive, what enables organisations to grow," said section moderator Keith Taylor, fellow of the BCS.

He added: "Benefits evaluated how much the project helped the business that was using it and reputation considered how the project would be perceived and how it might attract new people into the industry, such as those projects that had to do with flood warning systems, power saving in IT, or saving fuel by optimising the way staff visit clients."

Netintelligence’s Mobile Content Manager is currently being trialled by two other mobile phone suppliers.

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