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Netintelligence adds End Point Device Control functionality

11th June 2004 · Press Releases

Netintelligence has today announced the addition of End Point Device Control to its functionality.

End Point Device Control provides IT/IS departments with the ability to produce a real time audit of End Point Devices (desktops, laptops, pdas etc.) As Netintelligence is client based software, it provides an accurate ‘real time’ snap shot of all devices on both the LAN and the extended network. The Netintelligence Client goes beyond the capabilities offered by other solutions, recording not only the process and service activity but also the user interaction with these processes.

The End Point Device Control functionality will monitor record and either alert or report on the following categories:

  • Changes to Hardware/Software configuration 
  • Installed Software Summary & Patch Version control 
  • Operating System Summary 
  • Device Build/Configurations
  • User Log on & Log Offs
  • Device Connection attempts
  • File System reports

IT/IS personnel can request detailed reports Online or they can be scheduled. Each report can be broken down by total, group, sub group or individual level.

Phil Worms, Marketing Director for Netintelligence stated ;

“We envisage that this real time reporting will prove an invaluable tool for over-stretched and under pressure IT departments. The ability to gain a fully customisable ‘snap shot’ of the end point devices connecting to the corporate network will assist in physical asset management, software patch management, general security/compliance and reduce the risk of legal liability issues arising through the presence of unlicensed software.”

‘I genuinely believe that another benefit to be derived from the End Point Device Control functionality, will be the reduction in the number of IT hours worked on reverting corporate machines, that have been inadvertently ‘fiddled’ with by end users, back to master build status’.

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