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Multiplay uses iomart dedicated servers for multiplayer esports hosting

10th August 2015 · Press Releases

Image of gamer playing online

Multiplay, the gaming services company, uses iomart dedicated server hosting specialist RapidSwitch to provide the infrastructure behind its esports games hosting in the UK and Europe.

Multiplay provides hosting for established games such as Minecraft and Battlefield. Owned by retailer GAME, it has been behind enterprise games launches such as Dirty Bomb for Nexon and provides hosting for indie games developers such as Freejam who created RoboCraft.

iomart’s dedicated server brand RapidSwitch provides the hosting hardware and infrastructure that allows Multiplay’s ClanForge software to distribute games servers to consumers across the UK.

Craig Fletcher, CEO of Multiplay, says, “It’s not just a supplier customer relationship with RapidSwitch and iomart, it’s a partnership. It’s about working together to serve Multiplay’s customers’ needs, whether that’s a consumer playing one of our games or a big publisher who knows we can deal with their requirements.”

Multiplay hosts hundreds of dedicated servers with RapidSwitch with a stock of hardware already configured to be deployed as demand scales up and down. Using the iomart network of data centres, RapidSwitch helps Mutiplay achieve latencies of 13 to 14 milliseconds to most of its end-users across the UK Internet.

Neil Christie, Commercial Director for RapidSwitch, says, “Using dedicated servers provides the low latency and high reliability to ensure the best possible multiplayer gaming experience. It means the developers can get on with creating great games and publishers know they have the right hosting support to flex with consumer demand.”

Click here to view the video case study with Multiplay.

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