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Minecraft Game Server Host Launches 100th Dedicated Server with RapidSwitch

24th June 2013 · Press Releases

CreeperHost Introduces New Multiplayer Control Panel

Rapidly expanding Minecraft game server hosting company has launched its 100th dedicated server with RapidSwitch, part of cloud company iomart Group plc (AIM:IOM)

Creeperhost had just two servers when it moved to RapidSwitch a year ago after suffering support problems with its previous hosting company. It now has 100 managed dedicated servers housed and supported in RapidSwitch’s Maidenhead data centre as well as an additional three racks in RapidSwitch’s Nottingham data centre.

Lincolnshire-headquartered Creeperhost is looking to further expand its customer base after successfully introducing a control panel which allows customers root access to play multiple games on their own virtual private server by making one single payment. The control panel is a brand new concept in the industry which usually offers gamers only shared server experience.

Paul Taylor, founder and owner of Creeperhost, said: “We moved to RapidSwitch because of poor technical support – at one stage we had two weeks’ downtime with our previous hosting company. The guys at RapidSwitch are fantastic; we’ve not had a single problem. They’re really knowledgeable and go out of their way to help you.”

The RapidSwitch team custom-build powerful dual-processor servers for Creeperhost, providing redundant power supply and large amounts of RAM and storage capacity.

Neil Christie, Commercial Director for RapidSwitch, said: “We provide bespoke hardware platforms and a lowest latency network, allowing game server hosting companies like Creeperhost to offer the maximum online gaming experience to their customers.”

In total Creeperhost now has more than 5,000 game servers hosted in the UK, Europe and the US which are used by over 25,000 gamers with approximately 6,000 online at any one time.

To celebrate its 100th dedicated server with RapidSwitch, Creeperhost is offering a discount on its servers.

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