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Melbourne Server Hosting and ServerLove dish up Windows Server 2012

12th December 2012 · Press Releases

Melbourne makes deploying private cloud and virtual desktops easier

Melbourne Server Hosting and its self-serve cloud hosting brand Serverlove, both part of the iomart Group of companies, have announced that Windows Server 2012 is now available for their customers, making it easier and cheaper to deploy private hosted desktops and take networks into the cloud.

Using the Microsoft operating system’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Melbourne and Serverlove customers will find it simpler to set up load-balanced and highly available private hosted desktop solutions, while the Hyper-V3 improvements mean that networks can be extended into the cloud and live cloud machines migrated much more easily.

Chris Marsh, Commercial Manager for Melbourne Server Hosting, said: “Windows Server 2012 gives our customers the ability to use their data to make better decisions about products, markets and operations. Cost-effective private cloud and hosted desktops are now at their fingertips, while storage is more resilient and much more flexible.”

The price of the Windows Server 2012 licence is 15% cheaper than the equivalent version of Windows Server 2008 but contains all the features. Internet Information Services 8.0 offers CPU throttling enabling fully sandboxed web apps and improved DoS protection. It also supports WebSockets facilitating live content and the creation of real-time games.

Windows Server 2012 makes management of private clouds much easier through centralised SSL certificates and the new Storage Spaces enable the pooling of physical disk to create resilient and flexible storage arrays.

Windows Server 2012 is available for immediate installation on any new or existing servers with Melbourne. Additionally, using Serverlove, users can instantly create a Windows Server 2012 cloud server with no long-term commitment, making it ideal for testing applications as well as creating solutions that scale quickly to meet demand.

iomart Group plc recently announced a major investment in a dedicated fibre ring connecting its data centres, so Windows Server 2012 will be implemented in Melbourne’s Manchester data centres in a high-bandwidth, low-latency network environment.

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