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Managed Services for AWS

All the flexibility and efficiency with expert management and support

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The convenience of AWS with the enhanced benefits of a managed solution

Managed Amazon Web Services allow your organisation to take advantage of the flexible solutions of AWS but with the added convenience of expert management.

Collaborative and bespoke specifications

As an AWS partner, our team of account managers have a full knowledge of all available solutions, allowing us to tailor the service to exactly meet your needs.

Fully AWS qualified

Our technical teams are accredited by AWS and receive ongoing training to ensure they can fully support your platform.

24/7/365 support

iomart’s own team of support technicians are always available to ensure the smooth running of your services.

Easily enable hybrid cloud solutions

While some data and applications are best managed with private cloud solutions, a hybrid approach, with some services managed through a public AWS platform, can provide a range of benefits.

Always the most up to date versions

All enhancements and upgrades are rolled out as soon as they’re available, giving you the most robust solution, always.

Refocus your internal resources

Instead of worrying about managing your cloud platform, your internal teams can focus on your core business goals and objectives.

Cost effective solution

AWS offers some of the lowest cost cloud solutions on the market, but is a complex and challenging environment. With our comprehensive and competitively priced management and deployment solutions, Managed AWS from iomart makes compelling financial sense.

Advanced AWS management

AWS ServicesDescription
Virtual Private CloudAll instances are deployed in Virtual Private Clouds with multiple subnets to minimise risk and maximise utility.
Identity Access Management (IAM)IAM roles are strategically assigned to the needs of your users and environment.
Architecture DesignEach AWS deployment is custom designed for your application for optimal performance, scalability, security, cost efficiency and includes high-availability distribution of resources across Availability Zones (AZs) and automated failover.
EC2EC2 instance types are mapped to the specific needs of your application to optimise performance and storage without over-spending.
RDS (Optional)Relational Database Service can be configured for MySQL, SQL, PostreSQL and Oracle databases for high-availability across AZs and ease of management.
ELB (Optional)Implement Elastic Load Balancing to distribute incoming traffic across each redundant tier of your application.
Route 53Route 53 will be configured for GeoIP based routing and DNS service.
S3/Glacier Management (Optional)Simple Storage Service will be configured for snapshots and other persistent object storage in S3 with lifecycle policies for archiving data to Glacier.
EM7 + CloudWatch App and Process Monitoring (Optional)Configure and receive CloudWatch alerts that are routed directly to our Network Operations Centre, and integrate EM7 enterprise-class monitoring for customised dashboards, automated reporting, trend analysis and first response capabilities.
Site ResiliencyMultiple Available Zones - Single Region. Resources will be distributed across availability zones within an auto-scaling group.
AMI Management and AutomationWe will create and help maintain custom Amazon Machine Images (server templates) for automated deployment.
OS PatchingRegular patching at an agreed upon schedule.
Automated Backups (Optional)Custom scripts will be implemented to provide a complete inventory of your environment and automate snapshot backups to be shipped to S3.
24/7/365 NOCProactive diagnosis and engineering support, telephone, email and portal access for questions and technical issues.
Security ManagementImplementation of security best practices using AWS security features.

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iomart Technology partners
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The Cloud Company with 20:20 Vision

iomart operates to the highest industry standards in order to store and protect your data.

Our management teams work tirelessly to ensure we meet rigorous international standards for information security, business continuity, environmental management and energy management.

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