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Learning lessons in the Cloud

21st January 2015 · Our Thoughts

Young people have embraced the digital world and the transformation to education has followed quickly. Even the whiteboard is becoming almost old hat as technology continues to drive rapid change in the classroom. As a result the number of schools, colleges and universities turning to cloud services is growing at an ever increasing rate.

The cloud offers great opportunities for head teachers to outsource IT functions off campus to companies who are expert in delivering those services. It is not an admission of failure, it is a smart decision based on the needs of the school to provide learning in the cloud. Education at its management layer is more like a business these days with KPIs and budgets that have to be met, particularly in straightened economic times.

IT directors working in education might be running services across a number of buildings or even a number of schools. Whatever the nature and shape of the academic organisation they work for, they all face challenges and one of the biggest is to centralise those different functions to make life easier and to keep costs down.

A converged approach to IT in education is now needed. Centralising services and creating one service provision across multiple sites is the goal. Education organisations should not be afraid of outsourcing functions to a data centre because that is where the technical expertise lies, not just in providing the infrastructure but in working as a consultant to ensure the solutions created match the requirements.

IT demands in education can range from cloud storage to hosted virtual desktop to web filtering. The important point is to ensure that you choose a Cloud Service Provider who operates to strict SLAs and is fully accredited and understands the issues you are trying to deal with.

The cloud is an enabler. Education is everywhere. Cloud in education is best done in partnership with an organisation that can help you not hinder you.

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