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Keeping your charity campaign online

23rd June 2015 · Our Thoughts

Myleoma Awareness Week

When a golfer in Florida nominated a relative to do the Ice Bucket Challenge last summer in aid of the little known ALS Association in the US, little did anyone realise that it would spark the biggest viral charity campaign of all time. More than $15 million ended up being raised in donations as celebrities and members of the public across the globe shared videos on social media of their reactions as they endured the freezing cold challenge.

The same thing happened earlier this year with the #nomakeupselfie. This social media phenomenon ended up raising more than £8 million for Cancer Research UK even though the charity had not actually started the campaign.

When a charity ends up engaging with an audience by chance and in such an unplanned way the architecture behind its IT systems can often come under incredible strain as people race to its website searching for information. Equally a strategic campaign will plan to boost traffic and engagement with the issues being highlighted so under either scenario it is important to be prepared.

Having a robust server that can process information quickly is essential. iomart’s dedicated hosting brand RapidSwitch works with a number of charities to ensure their campaigns stay online at critical moments.

This week its attention is focused on Myeloma Awareness Week which is taking place. Myeloma is a relapsing and remitting cancer of the plasma cells formed in bone marrow. There is currently no cure and approximately 4,800 patients are diagnosed with myeloma in the UK every year. It is a very individual cancer – no two patient experiences are the same. With this in mind, Myeloma UK aims to raise awareness of what it’s like to be a myeloma patient.

The Myeloma Awareness Week website features content created around the two main themes: Talk With Me, encourages patients to share their myeloma story with those around them to develop greater understanding about what’s important to myeloma patients; and Walk With Me, is a walk symbolic of the journey a patient with myeloma is on, allowing patients to share experiences and fundraise.

The website features digital content in the form of filmed first person pieces from patients about their personal experience of living with myeloma. During Awareness Week, Myeloma UK is actively encouraging patients to share their experiences via social media and on the Myeloma Awareness Week website. It is important to ensure that Myeloma UK can share this content quickly and widely across all online and mobile platforms and this means having robust support for the website and the content it holds. RapidSwitch has provisioned a customised dual processor, high-end super server with high availability to provide maximum uptime.

You can follow the Myeloma Awareness Week on Twitter @MyelomaUK using the hashtag #MyelomaAwarenessWeek. The campaign will also be sharing patient experience stories on

RapidSwitch and parent company iomart provide dedicated hosting and cloud services such as backup and disaster recovery for a range of UK charities including Missing People, British Red Cross and Papworth Trust.

If you are a charity and would like to know more email or give us a call on 0800 040 7228.

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