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iomart?s Cut Price ADSL The Cheapest In The UK

1st April 2001 · Press Releases

Internet innovators, iomart Group plc are setting the pace in the UK’s Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) and web market by offering small businesses a comprehensive package containing everything needed to get online.

And with half price ADSL rental for three months giving customers the cheapest ADSL connections in the UK, iomart’s ‘One Stop Shop’ Internet bundle adds up to a very attractive solution for small businesses or organisations wishing a complete solution for high speed Internet access and web presence.

In addition to the latest in superfast Internet connectivity via ADSL and unlimited e-mail addresses, iomart’s new ADSL bundle price includes:

the choice of an Easy Build website, or 30Mb of web space 

~  firewall security software

~ anti-virus scanning

~ A free domain name

Phil Worms, iomart Director of Broadband Services, said: “The ‘One Stop Shop’ deal – together with half price rental across the CopperBurst ADSL range – amounts to the UK’s most attractive ADSL package to date.

We feel the ‘One Stop Shop’ deal will be particularly popular – it’s the e-business solution in a box, and works out substantially cheaper than sourcing all these elements separately. We believe this solution is ideal for the small business or organisation that wants integrated e-mail and web site capability.”

He added: “From now until the end of April, each new ADSL customer will receive an introductory three month half-price rental on their ADSL connection. For these three months iomart customers will be enjoying the cheapest ADSL service in the UK. We have even extended this offer to our ‘One Stop Shop’ product, meaning a complete ADSL/e-business package for just £30 per month!”

iomart, the integrated telecommunications and Internet services company, are among the top five ADSL providers in the UK. ADSL is the new technology that transforms your ordinary copper phone line into a high speed digital line, bringing greater data speeds, an ‘always on’ Internet connection at a fixed monthly fee and the ability to make phone calls and send faxes while connected to the net.

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