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iomart unveils end-to-end managed Kubernetes service

4th June 2019 · Press Releases

Managed Kubernetes image

K8s management from iomart’s cloud native Bytemark brand


iomart has unveiled a new fully-managed Kubernetes service which, uniquely, includes the option for development work to transform customers’ monolithic applications into microservice applications, ready to be run in an optimised container environment.


As a cloud services provider to many independent software vendors, we recognise that executives are becoming increasingly frustrated with spiralling development costs around the operational management of software applications in cloud environments. While Kubernetes, or K8s, is a popular orchestration tool that helps solve this problem, it can be complicated and time-consuming for organisations and businesses that don’t have the required expertise in-house.


Offered through iomart’s cloud native brand Bytemark and aimed at software developers, the new managed K8s service allows customers to get the most out of the containerisation orchestration service without having to allocate costly in-house resource. The new service covers everything from re-architecting applications; migrating to the platform; installing Kubernetes and the required services within the K8s ecosystem; training for the in-house development team, and building bespoke K8s solutions with ongoing monitoring, alerts and operational support.


Neil Christie, Commercial Director for iomart, explains, “Businesses that develop software want to focus on developing software. iomart manages platforms for customers to run their software on, and we want to focus on that. We do ops, they do apps. It’s that simple.”


As part of iomart, Bytemark provides simple and modern infrastructure solutions that support cloud native technologies. This new, end-to-end Kubernetes management offering enhances iomart’s extensive range of managed services for customers who are in the cloud, on-premise, or have a hybrid strategy. It frees development teams to focus on the very thing that Kubernetes is designed to enable – the rapid delivery of new software releases that add value.


If you are considering introducing Kubernetes into your business, or want to migrate to a platform that offers K8s support at every level, visit the Bytemark website to find out more.


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