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iomart chooses Cohesity to strengthen Secondary Data, Backup and Replication Services Portfolio

3rd December 2018 · Press Releases

Secondary data management

iomart is delighted to announce a new partnership with Cohesity to offer secondary data storage and application services including backup and recovery, data replication and target storage, to customers.


John Lucey, Cohesity’s UK and Ireland Country Manager, said: “We are delighted to have iomart onboard as one of our major World-Wide Service Providers. iomart has recognised the competitive advantage Cohesity’s technology can bring to its service offerings and has the skills, maturity and execution capabilities to satisfy its customers’ business requirements whether that be on-premise, in the Cloud, or in a multi cloud/Hybrid model.”


Data sprawl is a huge challenge particularly because secondary data and applications—including backups, disaster recovery, files, objects, test/dev, archives and analytics—are massively fragmented across a complex patchwork of specialised point products and infrastructure silos in the data centre and the cloud. Many organisations use a multitude of point products to manage these silos which is complex, costly and inefficient. With Cohesity’s hyperconverged secondary data and apps solution, iomart customers can aggregate all their secondary storage function on to a single unified, scalable platform, increasing data resilience and significantly reducing Total Cost of Ownership.


Declan Sharpe, iomart’s UK Sales Director, said: “Cohesity enables us to offer highly differentiated services to customers who are struggling with the challenge of mass data fragmentation in the face of greater regulation. Not only does it help remove data silos and reduce the time and costs associated with complex data management, it gives customers a sandbox environment to test new software releases and features, as well as enabling them to derive unparalleled insights from their untapped data through its inbuilt analytics engine.”


iomart will offer Cohesity as a shared service for smaller businesses and as a dedicated service for large enterprises. The evolutionary approach to data management will allow customers to gradually change the way they use data, mitigating any risk and interruption to the business during a more dramatic shift to the cloud. Over time, and at vastly reduced cost, modern hyperconverged processes can be employed to retire old silos, give greater business insight and real-time visibility into customer data, and recover any file, Virtual Machine (VM) or even hundreds of VMs instantaneously with Cohesity instant recovery.


Declan Sharpe added: “Cohesity fits into our commitment to deliver truly hybrid solutions to our customers. Not only can it protect and maintain local storage and data requirements at the edge, it can also seamlessly extend to Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud without requiring separate cloud gateways. Customers can also choose to replicate their protected data into iomart’s business continuity cloud for near instant Disaster Recovery as a Service.”


For more information on how data silos and the growing issue of mass data fragmentation is truly impacting organisations and IT teams on a global scale, download the Secondary Data Market Study by clicking here


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