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iomart Shortlisted for ‘Best Application’ at the ISPAs

1st February 2002 · Press Releases

iomart Limited is on the shortlist for the 2002 Internet Service Providers Association Awards in the category of "Best application service offered by an ISP."

iomart’s ThinkMail range of products and services has recently been augmented with the addition of new features which improve business’s access to secure, reliable and cost effective e-mail and internet access in the workplace.

With the recent addition of e-mail content filtration, PC content management, URL monitoring on web browsing and Acceptable Use Policy enforcement capabilities, ThinkMail has joined the NetIntelligence family of software products from iomart.

NetIntelligence from iomart is designed to make business life on-line easier and safer, protecting companies from risks including ; litigation, lost productivity, damage to its reputation, and breaches in security. NetIntelligence is the next generation of advanced enterprise security management solutions for large companies’ computer networks.

With its new feature set, iomart Limited has received unrivalled interest in NetIntelligence from corporate organisations, and is focusing its activities to meet the demand from them throughout the world.

Angus MacSween, Chief Executive Officer of iomart Limited commented, "iomart has been listening to the business community for some time now, gauging its needs and creating the NetIntelligence solutions which meet the ever increasing demands on businesses today. iomart and NetIntelligence make it easier for companies to secure their information and communications freeing them to concentrate on their own business activities."

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