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iomart Selects Arbor Networks’ Peakflow® SP Platform for Infrastructure Protection, Traffic Visibility and DDoS Defence

10th September 2014 · Press Releases

iomart has today announced that it has selected Arbor Networks Inc. to protect its infrastructure from distributed denial of service attacks that are the primary threat to the availability of its services.

Arbor Networks is a leading provider of DDoS and advanced threat protection solutions for enterprise and service provider networks and its Peakflow® SP platform is used by many of the world’s leading cloud, hosting and service providers to proactively fend off malicious threats such as botnets and volumetric and application-layer distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Angus MacSween, CEO of iomart, said: “Everything we’ve built at iomart, from our world-class infrastructure to our dedicated 24×7 support team, starts with the availability of our services. DDoS has become a primary threat to availability, especially within an infrastructure environment like ours where multiple enterprise customers exist side-by-side. That’s why we’ve chosen to be proactive and deploy the world’s leading DDoS mitigation technology from Arbor Networks.”

The Peakflow SP platform includes two main components, Peakflow SP and the Peakflow Threat Management System. Peakflow SP combines network-wide anomaly detection and traffic engineering with TMS’s carrier-class threat management, which automatically detects and surgically removes only attack traffic, while maintaining other business traffic. With the ability to mitigate only the attack traffic, customer-facing services remain available while providers actively mitigate attacks. The Peakflow SP platform also powers many of the world’s leading cloud-based DDoS managed security services.

Matthew Moynahan, President of Arbor Networks, said: “The Cloud Hosting market is a highly competitive one, and businesses have many options. iomart has been able to distinguish itself because of its combination of world-class infrastructure, service and support. Many organisations wait until they’ve been taken offline to get serious about DDoS protection. Not iomart. They’re moving proactively to secure their own infrastructure and offer their customers availability protection as part of their core services. With a commitment to quality like that, it’s no wonder that their customers are so satisfied with their services.”

For more information visit /secure/ddos-protection/

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