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iomart Hosting wins Compare the Cloud pitch competition

14th March 2013 · Press Releases

‘Tell me why I should use your Cloud in 150 words’ pitch judged the best

iomart Hosting, one of the UK’s leading cloud services companies, has won a competition run by cloud comparison website Compare the Cloud for the best Cloud pitch.

Cloud services providers around the globe were challenged to say in 150 words or less why their cloud solution or technology would solve a business’ problems any better than their competitors.

Phil Worms, Director of Marketing and Corporate Communications for iomart Hosting, submitted the following pitch:

“Contrary to general marketing puff, the cloud is not some sort of mystical ethereal panacea for all of IT’s problems. It physically exists and it exists in the data centre. And we own seven of them. We foresaw the emergence of the ‘cloud’ over eight years ago, and have invested millions of pounds in building a cloud capability from physical bricks and mortar upwards. We offer high availability cloud services, across multiple DC sites, connected to one fibre network, supported 24×7. The benefits are clear. No legacy operations, practices, cookie cutter services or reliance on third parties. The result of this ‘one throat to choke’ approach is that we are totally accountable to you. No cloudwash. Tell us what you need/want and we’ll tailor a solution to suit you and then back it with industry leading SLA guarantees. We don’t sell ‘cloud this or that’, we sell peace of mind.”

Competition judges Virtual Machine User Group (VMUG) picked Phil’s pitch as his winner.

Gavin Brining, Founder and Chairman of VMUG, commented: “In just 150 words iomart have taken the reader on an informative journey through the building blocks of the cloud, and in doing so have successfully positioned their service, infrastructure and customisation as a credible solution to your computing challenges.”

Of his winning pitch, Phil Worms said: “This was a great competition to run because it hit the nail on the head in terms of industry interpretation of the ‘cloud’, how it leads to confusion and how diverse the definitions are depending on your particular space in the marketplace. There are so many explanations around that it’s hard for businesses and organisations to cut through some of the sales speak and get to the point where they can actually find the solution for their particular needs. The challenge to differentiate ourselves was inspiring and I’m delighted that we’ve got our message through.”

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