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iomart Hosting takes UK digital media agency into the cloud

28th February 2012 · Press Releases

iomart Hosting has delivered a highly available cloud platform to support the work of UK digital media agency New Brand Vision Group.

New Brand Vision relied on a physical IT infrastructure until last year when it decided that the flexibility afforded by cloud hosting was now needed in order to continue to deliver successful campaigns for its clients.

"It’s really important for us as a digital agency to be thinking ahead about the latest trends and tactics," explains founder and managing director Ben Harris. "We felt this approach needed to be extended to our hosting as well. We knew the cloud was becoming more popular and after doing some research we realised it could be of huge benefit both to our customers and our own business."

New Brand Vision wanted high availability so iomart Hosting’s technical team recommended that for greater resilience and uptime it should migrate to a VMware Cloud. The migration process was managed to ensure minimal impact on New Brand Vision’s customers.

"iomart Hosting worked really closely with us and most importantly, listened to us in order to produce the right solution," explains Ben. "Now we have a very reactive platform which benefits both us and our clients."

Every new client the agency takes on is provided with a new virtual machine which iomart Hosting deploys for them using a VM template which is then customised to sit behind a fully managed dedicated firewall.

Ben Harris believes that the IT infrastructure that iomart Hosting has provisioned for New Brand Vision gives the agency a great framework on which to plan its clients’ campaigns.

"Many of the PR and marketing campaigns that we do for clients can result in substantial increases in traffic on their websites so we have to be ready," he explains. "For a small campaign we can assign virtual resource very quickly, while for larger campaigns that need load-balanced servers, it’s much quicker but also much cheaper to roll them out."

Sarah Haran, managing director of iomart Hosting, says: "The ultimate benefits of having virtual servers on a cloud platform is that an agency like New Brand Vision gets much more control over assigning resources for campaigns. It can plan better, respond better and save money for its clients."

New Brand Vision Group is based in Silicon Roundabout, the London hub for entrepreneurial tech companies. It delivers websites to UK and global businesses across media, finance, and services sectors.

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