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iomart Hits One Thousand ADSL Customers

20th February 2001 · Press Releases

iomart Group plc is today (February 20,2001) pleased to announced that it has acquired its 1,000th Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) customer, making the integrated telecommunications and Internet services company one of the leading DSL providers in the UK.

Glasgow and London-based, iomart was the first to market in the UK with their business-class CopperBurst ADSL product after successfully taking part in early proving trials of the new high speed Internet connection technology.

Commenting on the news, iomart Director of Broadband Services, Phil Worms said: "Whilst a 1000 customers does not sound a great number, given the difficulties associated with deploying such a new technology as ADSL, we are delighted to have achieved this milestone. We have invested heavily in both marketing and customer service, and I believe that we will begin to reap the benefits of this investment over the next 12 months. The successful deployment of DSL is a key plank in iomart’s overall ASP strategy of providing both the access and the end user applications such as ThinkMail, iomart’s newly launched outsourced e-mail product. The experience that we have gained these past few months leaves us well placed to become one of the UK’s largest DSL providers."

For business, ADSL is a faster and cheaper option to either ISDN or leased lines and opens the way to a raft of high-speed DSL-based business applications currently under development by iomart. In addition to its advantages of superior connection speeds of up to 2Mb per second and reliability, the iomart ADSL service gains business users –

~ Cost-effective permanent net access without the expense of leased line

~ improved productivity, efficiency and greater budgetary control;

~ Real time e-mail

~ Top quality service and faster, more resilient download and access times.

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