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iomart Group completes Maidenhead Data Centre Expansion

14th March 2011 · Press Releases

New fit out creates fully flexible, powered and resilient space to meet growing cloud hosting demand

iomart Group, one of the UK’s leading managed hosting and cloud computing service companies, has today announced the completion of the second phase of an expansion programme at its Spectrum House, Maidenhead data centre.

The programme, another sign of strong customer demand for both the Group’s cloud computing and hosting services, provides iomart with a further 650 square metres of new data centre space, or 300 high density racks, and increases the facility’s total data centre area to more than 1300 square metres.

In addition to the data floors, provision has been made to provide office and build room accommodation for clients.

The new space provides an energy-efficient, secure, standards-based environment for housing the latest hosting technologies, with free air cooling, 2N UPS and N+1 backup generators. The data centre has been equipped to meet the Group’s core objective of delivering 100% Uptime and availability, with all services being engineered to ensure no single point of failure.

Power is fed to the hosting floors from the UPS to multiple Power Distribution Boards. These boards provide single phase 240V AC power to each rack/cabinet on the floor. Feeds are rated at 8A, 16A or 32A with up to 32A available in a single rack/cabinet.

Spectrum House is redundantly connected to iomart’s UK network of four further data centres through dedicated dark fibre chains, providing the hosting floors with access to over 40GBit/s of premium internet connectivity. As a result of this network investment, Spectrum House can facilitate client connections from a standard 100MBit/s speed up to multiple 10GBit/s connections.

Ed Butler, Director of RapidSwitch, an iomart Group Company, has overseen the expansion.

“Spectrum House has provided our clients with exceptional service since we opened the facility in early 2009, but we have quickly reached a stage where we needed to expand to meet the Group’s current and future customer growth needs. We have doubled our capacity both in datacenter space and network capacity.”

“Given its physical proximity to our City of London data centre, Spectrum House is a vital component of the Group’s high availability cloud offerings. The interconnectivity between the two locations provides an ideal solution for cloud based disaster recovery, mirroring and backup solutions.”

“The technological advancements that we have delivered through this expansion, combined with the group’s engineering and hosting expertise, will prove to be a winning combination that will benefit current and future clients with the most advanced and stable hosting environment possible.”

iomart Group now offers over 4500 square metres of data centre space across its Maidenhead, Glasgow, London, Nottingham and Leicester sites.

A video tour of the facility is available here

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