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iomart Connects Melbourne Hosting Brand to Ultra-Fast Network The Loop

10th March 2016 · Press Releases

The Loop - Melbourne

iomart has today announced that its Melbourne Server Hosting brand is now part of The Loop – the dedicated high speed dark fibre network that delivers ultra-fast Internet access to businesses in Manchester.

The Loop is the fibre optic network owned by communications company Gamma that runs for more than 120km beneath the streets of Manchester. It links the main commercial districts in the city with key carrier-neutral data centres via tens of thousands of metres of underground optical fibre and offers an alternative route to traditional networks such as BT.

The Loop now connects Melbourne’s two data centre facilities at Manchester’s Techno Park, Reynolds House and Turing House, to the city-wide network. For businesses located in Manchester this provides a fast, direct connection to the Internet while for businesses elsewhere, such as London, it offers the quickest connection via The Loop and iomart’s UK-wide dark fibre network to their regional offices in the city.

Dominic Monkhouse, Managing Director of iomart, Melbourne’s parent company, said: “Ultra-fast connectivity is the key to business growth. By partnering with The Loop we are offering the lowest latency for businesses in Manchester and those with offices in the city. Combined with access to our wider MPLS fibre network that spans the rest of the U.K. this means data can be transferred at the speeds necessary for the digital age.”

Connecting Melbourne to The Loop means businesses in the area can get the low latency connectivity to support their online services such as hosted virtual desktops and email cloud services which need fast Internet access.

Ashley Griffith, Managing Director of The Loop said: “It’s fantastic to further expand our network and bring our unique offer to Melbourne Server Hosting’s datacentres at Reynolds House and Turing House. The Loop provides a competitive fibre infrastructure alternative for the local market and this new partnership enables Manchester’s business community the opportunity to benefit from additional ultra-fast connectivity.”

Melbourne provides a range of hosting solutions including dedicated to virtual servers plus colocation backed by 24/7 technical support from its data centre facilities at Manchester’s Techno Park. To find out more visit

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