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iomart commits spare compute to help the fight against COVID-19

24th March 2020 · Press Releases

iomart is contributing to a worldwide open source computing project called Folding@Home (FAH) that has been mobilised to help scientists in their fight against COVID-19.


We have committed 100 high-powered graphics processing cards to run the FAH software on approximately 50 of our servers in one of our UK data centres. The FAH team is using donated computing power from hundreds of thousands of machines around the globe to carry out complex calculations that simulate protein dynamics to help researchers as they search for a drug to stop the virus.


Richard McMahon, Chief Technology Officer, iomart, said: “This is a difficult time for everyone and as a cloud computing business we felt this was something really positive we could do to help.”


The graphic processing units can grind huge numbers at speed and the calculations they do are uploaded to the project to help the scientists and researchers involved.


iomart is one of a number of technology companies that have turned over computing resources to help the project.


Find out more about Folding@Home here.


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