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iomart celebrates International Women’s Day

7th March 2015 · Our Thoughts

International Women’s Day, a global campaign to promote greater awareness of equality for women in the workplace, takes place on March 8.

The theme for 2015 is Make It Happen however for the female employees at iomart that should probably be re-worded to Make IT Happen.

We spoke to some of the women working in key roles for iomart to find out what working in the technology industry is really like and how we might encourage other young women to follow in their footsteps.

Judy Henderson

Key Account Manager for iomart

Judy Henderson of iomart










I look after some of iomart’s largest and most high profile customers. I carry a big revenue target and my role is to manage their relationship with iomart and ensure they get the IT infrastructure and cloud and managed hosting services they require as their businesses expand.

I may work in technology but I am by no means technical. I rely on the people in technical roles for that knowledge so don’t be put off by any tech worries. Things change so quickly in our industry anyway. You see the latest and greatest of the new technologies and work out how your customers can benefit.

Most of my customers are male and they enjoy dealing with a woman as there are so few of us in this industry. We can often soften the blow when there are issues and let’s face it, we know how to multi-task. I juggle several plates on a daily basis but it’s what I thrive on and what gets me out of bed in the morning. Well that and the nice commissions when you close a really big deal!

The tech industry is screaming out for more women in senior roles and at all other levels. The money is good if you have the right skills whether in sales, technical support or finance. It’s a fast paced industry so embrace the changes you will see every day.

I think women are ideal for the technology industry. We can juggle 10 tasks at a time; we work to lists and targets every day; we are organised and can solve problems; and we are good at delegating. I’ve been in the technology industry for 15 years now and I have no intention of moving.

Lisa Mason

Head of Group Registry for iomart

Lisa Mason of iomart











My first job in this industry was in sales admin. Today I look after iomart’s accreditations for domain names, making sure we are sticking to the terms of our accreditation agreements. This involves paying a lot of attention to detail and ensuring we maintain good relationships with a lot of different organisations.

For me, it’s great working for a tech company because things are always changing and there’s always something new.

I think they should encourage more young women in school to consider the tech industry as a really good career. My advice would be to learn as much as you can yourself, teach yourself and don’t be discouraged by the amount of men in the industry because that will change and anyway, if you can show them you know what you are talking about, you will gain respect.

Anne Bryson

Group Technical Manager for iomart

Anne Bryson of iomart










Originally my job was as a programmer and I was involved in the design and development of a number of different systems which are in use within our organisation. Over the years I have moved into more of a management role so now my days are spent working with other departments to figure out what business requirements we have, architect the systems and then manage the team of developers who will deliver the end products.

The technologies we deal with are constantly evolving so my job is never boring. The nature of our industry means we tend to be looking at fairly cutting-edge technologies and systems which brings a lot of challenges and keeps us on our toes.

Working in the tech industry doesn’t mean you have to be a programmer – you can be the person who designs the systems, project manages the building of those systems or the person who looks after them and supports them after they’ve been built – there are lots of opportunities.

My message to young women would be, don’t be afraid to give things a try. You might have an idea for a fun phone application or a website you think people will like and whilst you might not have all the skills to build it straight away, half the challenge of working in the tech industry is having the clarity of thought to be able to take an idea and solve the problem of how you can achieve that end goal.

Marion McCallum

Sales & Marketing Data Manager


Marion McCallum of iomart










My job is to analyse and order data to help our sales teams target the right potential customers. There are two aspects to my role. Firstly, I run our outbound telesales team who begin the initial discussions with companies who may require the cloud and managed hosting services that iomart is expert at providing. The second aspect involves administrating our sales CRM. iomart has a number of different hosting brands which use the CRM and I am responsible for the entire database. I build all the reports and custom fields/pages and ensure the system runs smoothly.

It’s really interesting working for iomart! No, really! I’ve learned a lot about technology. I still couldn’t build you a server, but I do understand a lot more of the principles behind Big Data, the Internet of Things, and how different types of cloud services help businesses. The tech industry is ever changing, there is always a new big thing. We all use the internet and technology constantly, so working at iomart helps me keep right up with the new trends.

I think the public face of tech is changing for women but maybe not quite fast enough. It’s important to show the broad spectrum of jobs available in our industry. The most important factor though is school and education. Young girls wouldn’t dream they can’t do something, until society tells them it, so we need to ensure we are allowing them to grow and know they are capable.

My message to young women who are wondering about a career in tech is – Go for it, don’t worry what anyone else thinks!

Ashley Connor

Registry Administrator for iomart

Ashley Connor of iomart





I have a busy role registering domain names, processing renewals, assisting customers with their accounts and processing transfers in and out. I help any customer with domain-related enquiries.

I used to work in sales but I wanted something different that would challenge me. The tech industry is always growing and changing and it continues to provide the challenge that I was looking for. What I really enjoy about working in the technology industry is that it’s a really forward thinking environment.

I think that if we’re going to do anything we should really reach out to young women earlier, in school, by talking to them more and showing them examples of successful woman in the technology industry. It’s a great environment to work in and I am never made to feel like a minority and we should be getting that message out to young women.

Katherine Aram

Account Manager for iomart

Katherine Aram of iomart













I got my job at the height of the recession after returning from some travelling. Jobs were scarce and I was approached by a recruiter for a job at an IT services provider. I’d never considered a career in tech and I was interested to find out more. Luckily I was offered the job and have been hooked on IT ever since!

As an Account Manager I look after a number of our clients, ensuring they are happy with the iomart service and introducing our new products and services to them. The job needs excellent communication skills because you need to liaise with different people from technical colleagues to clients. The Account Manager role sits within the sales team so I also have a sales target to achieve every month.

What I like about this industry is that it’s really fast moving – new technologies are developed and released every day, which makes it very exciting. You can also see how the products that iomart offer make a different to our clients’ businesses which is very satisfying.

Sadly, I think the stereotype of the tech industry is still of an industry that is male dominated. The media, families and schools all have a part to play in encouraging an interest if it is there. Tech is used every day on smartphones and applications such as Facebook and Twitter, so making young women realise these are exciting technologies in motion could also be a way to encourage this.

I think the message for this International Women’s Day should be ‘Go for it!’ The tech industry is an incredibly interesting and fast moving industry.

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