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iomart and Unisys lead the way in securing the Financial Services Sector

28th May 2002 · Press Releases

iomart is delighted to announce that Unisys has signed as an iomart partner in making the groundbreaking enterprise security management solution NetIntelligence available to large corporate organisations.

Lawrence Weinbach, Chairman and CEO of Unisys recently stated that the company had five strategic goals for 2002, and that one of these goals was to expand its new security solutions program. This partnership with iomart builds towards that goal, by providing Unisys customers with the benefit offered by NetIntelligence, in securing their network, their profits and securing against threats to the organisation.

NetIntelligence is the next generation of advanced software solutions, which has been designed specifically to address the issues and problems faced by large companies today who have to provide access to the internet and e-mail for their staff.

NetIntelligence allows companies to :-

Manage risks arising from the use of their network

~ Improve security/ensure compliance/maintain confidentiality/avoid litigation

~ Manage employee internet activity

~ Reduce time wasting /reduce costs /improve productivity

~ Manage IT assets

~ Prevent software piracy /audit hardware/software assets /maintain security

Large companies have a significant exposure to these threats, and must protect themselves. The expertise of Unisys and the capabilities of NetIntelligence is the perfect combination, to provide protection to corporate clients and to ensure that they are able to continue to grow their businesses towards a future of commercial success. "At Unisys, we are always looking for ways to deliver benefit to customers using creativity, technical excellence and a clear focus on the needs of our customers," stated Sandy Davison, Vice President and Practice Manager at UNISYS. "We see NetIntelligence and iomart as an excellent opportunity to help our customers succeed."

"Working with Unisys to provide NetIntelligence to our corporate clients is an excellent partnership," explained Bill Dobbie, director of iomart Limited, "NetIntelligence ensures that companies are able get the most out of their information systems, and protects the company from risk. The partnership with Unisys is ideal, allowing iomart to punch above its weight in the financial services marketplace in the UK and beyond."

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