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EMC Avamar from iomart helps International Greetings Protect Data

14th December 2015 · Press Releases

Box of Christmas crackers - iomart

International Greetings PLC, one of the world’s leading designers, manufacturers and distributors of gift packaging and greetings, stationary and creative play products, relies on EMC Avamar from iomart to protect its business data. 

The company, which also produces the iconic Tom Smith crackers that are part of the British Royal Family’s Christmas, chose Avamar because of the ability to store data with different retention periods. Sensitive financial data for example can be stored for much longer than other data.

Avamar only stores unique daily changes while maintaining daily full backups for immediate, single-step restore and only sends back changed blocks reducing network traffic. This minimises both backup windows and bandwidth requirements.

Mike Harris, Group IT Manager for International Greetings, explains, “We store some of the data that we can’t afford to lose, such as sensitive financial documents, for up to 26 weeks. For other data, where we only need a short retention period, we’ll just store it for a month.”

As well as cloud backup, iomart provides International Greetings with storage archiving and content filtering for the company’s business laptops.

Mike Harris continues, “The backup of our data is hugely important to us and is a subject that is discussed at board level.”

To read the full case study with International Greetings click here.

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