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Heaven Scent iomart Takes Online Publishing into Fourth Dimension

1st April 2014 · Press Releases

PageTiger Brings Marketing Alive with Aroma Therapy

Glasgow, United Kingdom: iomart (AIM:IOM), one of the UK and Europe’s leading cloud companies, is providing holistic hosting for a revolutionary new publishing system invented by online publisher PageTiger.

The new system called TigAroma allows customers of PageTiger to upload any PDF document into its publishing system and then choose a scent to create the mood they want people to experience while reading it. There are six scents to choose from: lemon to give a feeling of efficiency; lavender to induce relaxation; and fresh coffee for professionalism.

iomart’s dedicated server brand RapidSwitch has created a new hosting platform called ‘Scented Solutions’ to host PageTiger’s four dimensional publishing concept in its data centre in Maidenhead.

Henry Weston, CEO of PageTiger, said: “The way things smell plays a huge part in your decision-making process so we have harnessed that for marketers so they can tap into a whole new way of engaging with visitors to their websites. What Google Glasses do for your eyes, TigAroma will do for your nose.”

PageTiger, based in Richmond in London, is one of the fastest growing online publishing platforms in the UK. It was presented with the Award for Best Business for Innovation and Technology by Business Secretary Vince Cable and its clients include the BBC and BUPA.

RapidSwitch provides reliable dedicated hosting for PageTiger and believes the new ‘Scented Solutions’ package it has designed to support TigAroma will offer a more holistic hosting approach for other customers as well.

Neil Christie, Commercial Director of RapidSwitch, adds, “The way ‘Scented Solutions’ works is that each server has colour-coded cables which deliver the perfect perfume to each customer’s online publication. So, purple delivers a lavender scented web page, yellow gives off a zesty lemon fragrance and so on. This could work across many sectors such as online grocers who could offer fragrant foods, or even online booksellers who could create pungent pages to give readers a full four dimensional experience.”

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