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Headline-making website The Drum heads to the Cloud with iomart

30th August 2012 · Press Releases

iomart has announced that it is providing cloud hosting for The Drum, the award-winning marketing and media news website which generates as many headlines as it prints.

The Drum has chosen iomart’s VMware-powered CloudSure platform to ensure a highly available online presence. iomart has also provisioned EMC® Avamar® to deliver enterprise Cloud Backup for The Drum.

Nick Creed, Digital Director of The Drum, said: “The Drum has expanded rapidly over the last 24 months with a huge increase in traffic to the site. Moving our hosting to iomart’s CloudSure platform has ensured we can continue to expand with the confidence we have the infrastructure that will be able to expand with us. The platform allows us to have the flexibility we need for our future plans and iomart’s proactive support ensures we have the systems expertise to hand as the business expands”

One of the main benefits of using CloudSure is that customers can manage their billing, spin up virtualised servers and manage power and bandwidth, all from one easy-to-use Cloud Control Panel.

Sarah Haran, managing director of iomart, said: “The Drum is one of the most visited news and marketing websites and often makes the headlines itself leading to big spikes in traffic, so we are delighted that it has chosen our enterprise cloud services to deliver reliability, data security and guaranteed performance.”

Headquartered in Glasgow, The Drum is expanding rapidly in the South East of England in addition to gaining a growing international audience. The Drum’s website has over 340,000 unique visitors every month but that increased dramatically to 420,000 when it became the first UK-based website to publish the controversial photos of a naked Prince Harry last week.

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