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Guest Experience Management Leader Embraces the iomart Cloud

19th January 2015 · Press Releases

HospitalityGEM improves capacity and reduces server costs by 85%

HospitalityGEMThe UK’s leading expert in Guest Experience Management has turned to iomart for cloud services.

HospitalityGEM has more than a decade of experience in specialist guest experience management in the hospitality sector and works with some of the best known restaurants, hotels and pubs. Data analysis drives the business as HospitalityGEM collects large amounts of information for its clients from a network of more than 10,000 mystery diners and feedback websites across 20 countries.

Phil Collins, Head of Technology for HospitalityGEM, says, “We send in mystery guests to have a typical experience at thousands of restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels across the UK and internationally. Our clients often want to be visited at their peak times which are usually over weekends which means we have a massive increase of up to 600% in reports to process on a Monday.

Previously HospitalityGEM used a dedicated solution but it now uses iomart’s CloudSure platform and has a mix of managed cloud servers, managed connectivity and a managed security layer.

Phil Collins continues, “Using iomart’s cloud infrastructure allows us to switch on the servers quickly and easily when needed so we can ramp up our capacity to cope with the demand but only pay for the extra time used. This means we’re not wasting money running resources that are underutilised the majority of the time.

“Our server costs have been reduced by 85% when compared to running dedicated servers constantly. This has allowed us to invest in more staff to expand the business further and stick to our target of at least 25% year-on-year growth and we are ready to take it to the next level in 2015.”

iomart provides HospitalityGEM with connectivity that is burstable to 100MB/s for busy periods and cloud backup for over 200GB of data.

To read the full case study click here

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