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Exel Computer Systems hosts ERP software in the cloud with iomart

20th February 2018 · Press Releases

Enterprise Resource Planning ERP software image

iomart is helping a leading software company in the East Midlands to grow its business by hosting its ERP software in the cloud.

Exel Computer Systems in Long Eaton, authors and sells its EFACS E/8 Enterprise Resource Planning software to manufacturing companies. EFACS is provided as a standard product, which can then be configured to suit each customer’s specific requirements. Traditionally the ERP software has been hosted on premise by Exel’s customers. Now it can offer EFACS as a secure and scalable cloud hosted solution through iomart.

Jonathan Orme, Sales Operations and Marketing Manager for Exel, says, “The relationship we have with our customers is a partnership that is constantly evolving. As security concerns around the cloud have diminished, it made sense to offer to host our ERP software in the cloud with iomart in order to support our own and our customers’ growth ambitions.”

The software is hosted on iomart’s CloudSure platform which provides the resilience, security and flexibility Exel requires to support its customers. Enterprise cloud backup from iomart enables rapid restore and recovery of data. Exel’s customers no longer have to invest in and manage expensive server hardware; the EFACS software can be quickly deployed; and they benefit from improved security and disaster recovery provided by a highly accredited cloud provider.

Bill Strain, CTO of iomart, says, “One of the great benefits of hosting an ERP solution in the cloud is that your IT team no longer has to waste time and money managing physical infrastructure. iomart provides the expertise, the data centres and the security, which allows Exel’s team to focus on delivering the best possible software solution to its customers.”

Click here to read the Exel case study.

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