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Enterprise public cloud adoption top of iomart’s agenda at Interop London

11th June 2015 · Our Thoughts

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UK enterprises are finding the benefits of public cloud harder and harder to ignore. But the road to adoption and effective utilisation is complicated by service proliferation and the need for new operational strategies, giving rise to a growing need for platform agnostic managed services.

Visitors to Interop London 2015 will hear a clarion call from public cloud giants that now is the time for enterprise to get on board. Could they be right?


Why public cloud for enterprise?

Public clouds, particularly those from market leaders like Amazon, Microsoft and Google, offer technical and commercial advantages that cannot be overlooked. Chief among them is affordable pricing derived from vast economies of scale. But enterprises have historically hesitated before embracing public cloud, typically doubting their security prowess. Those that have pressed ahead have only done so tentatively so far.

But times and pressures are changing. Digital transformation and mobility trends combined with the economics of public cloud are making the business case for enterprise adoption stronger than ever – forcing enterprise IT departments to revaluate their stance toward it.

Given that enterprise cloud adoption is in its infancy, with the majority of applications still deployed on site, it’s safe to say that there is a huge shift in IT spending ahead. And while public cloud use is set to grow, hybrid clouds are likely to remain most popular with enterprises, for data privacy, security and compliance reasons.

Why managed public cloud services?

Public cloud vendors are naturally keen to tap into the increased attention they are receiving from enterprises. They have responded too, working hard to allay security fears and expand their services to cater for enterprise needs. Among the providers doing the most to accommodate is Amazon Web Services (AWS) whose offering has grown and evolved to the point where it can be configured to meet almost any enterprise need.

Flexibility is a double-edged sword, however, and with it comes new operational challenges for IT heads and their teams. In the case of AWS, with the range of options available and the speed at which they can be deployed, making the most effective use of the portfolio while keeping track of what’s in use where requires a whole new set of skills and processes.

Organisations can of course choose to resource this need in-house, but the skills required are often not core to what the internal IT team is tasked with. Given this and the continued importance of private and hybrid clouds, it should come as no surprise that an increasing number of IT leaders are looking to engage the services of providers who are expert in the delivery of both private cloud and AWS.

iomart and AWS

Recognising that a combination of AWS and private cloud is an attractive way forward for UK enterprises, iomart has created its Managed Amazon Web Services offering. As a certified AWS partner and a leading private cloud provider, iomart can act as the interface between you and your cloud infrastructure, helping you to specify the right solution and maximise your utilisation, all without distracting your IT team from its strategic objectives.

Is now the time?

Now that you can benefit from both the flexible, affordable public cloud services of AWS and the cloud management expertise of iomart, now is the right time to scale up your adoption of public cloud.

For more information about Managed AWS from iomart visit /managed-services/managed-aws/ or come to stand IOP544 at Interop and discuss the service directly with one of our experts.

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