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Easyspace reveals 'London's Best Kept Secret'

22nd May 2007 · Press Releases

London, UK, 22 May 2007 – Easyspace, one of Europe’s largest hosting and managed service companies, has today announced the opening of a new high specification Tier 3 datacentre in the heart of the City of London.

Constructed specifically for the purpose of large scale server hosting and colocation, the City Of London datacentre offers a combined net capacity of 1,520 m2 (16,000 sq.ft) of high quality, resilient and secure data centre space, across 4 separate data halls.

The City of London datacentre is manned 24 hours per day by Easyspace’s experienced systems and network engineers, contains a state of the art integrated environment and security management system, fully redundant power, dark fibre capability and market leading network infrastructure.

A targeted campaign has been launched, titled ‘London’s Best Kept Secret, and is aimed at the Senior IT & Business Executives of Europe’s leading financial and commercial organisations.

Sarah Haran, Managing Director Easyspace stated: “The purpose of the campaign is twofold. Firstly, given the recent predictions that existing UK carrier neutral data centre capacity will effectively run out this year, we wanted to inform companies that such a facility really does exist in the City. Secondly, we wish to invite them along to see the datacentre with their own eyes, hence the Best Kept Secret campaign.”

“We have organised two open days in June, Wednesday 6th and Wednesday 20th, where we will host escorted tours around the centre for interested parties.”

Sarah added: “The key attraction of our Datacentre is that it is a totally new facility and we have not been restricted in its design by any legacy equipment or operations. We have therefore been able to build this facility to incorporate all the critical data management and business continuity features that organisations require both today and tomorrow.”

Finally Sarah added:” With the level of interest that we are already experiencing, we are confident that our datacentre will not remain ‘London’s Best Kept Secret’ for too much longer!”

Organisations who wish to attend the City of London Open Days can register their interest at:


Easyspace provides a blend of hosting services, ranging from the provision of dedicated and single servers, managed service and co-location facilities, to fully supported data centre solutions, to both the corporate & public sectors.

Easyspace is one of Europe’s largest hosting and managed service companies, serving the needs of over 300,000 customers.

Easyspace currently operates Datacentres in London, Glasgow and Nottingham and will be opening new facilities in Leicester and Leeds later this year.

Easyspace is owned by the iomart group plc.

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