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Easyspace Provides Web Hosting and Domain Name for Micro Pigs Breeder

14th October 2013 · Press Releases WordPress Website Gets Reliable Support

A UK business which breeds and sells micro pigs has turned to iomart Group’s Easyspace brand, one of the UK’s largest domain name registrar and web hosting companies, for online support.

Petpiggies created a new website to meet the growing demand around the world for images of their micro pigs. The owners chose to use WordPress, a content management system for websites, because they wanted full control over their website and to be able to update and expand its content with different plugins as the business grows. They turned to Easyspace to provide both the domain name and the web hosting to support it.

Caroline Chaplin, owner of the Bedfordshire-based pet pig business, said: “We turned to Easyspace because we need reliable and trustworthy hosting. We post hundreds of images of our micro pigs and we update the website constantly with blogs and videos so we need good, fast hosting that allows us to make those changes quickly and efficiently.”

Petpiggies has a huge following on social media. A video Petpiggies posted earlier this year of one of their piglets having its tummy tickled has had more than 800,000 views on YouTube. All the blogs, Tweets and videos are showcased on the home page of the website which is the central point for people interested in buying the miniature pigs and for information on how to buy and care for them.

Sarah Haran, managing director of Easyspace, said: “It’s essential for a growing business like Petpiggies to be online and to use the web to promote it. While the micro pigs do the glamorous bit like posing with models from Tatler or launching a new television channel to provide great digital content for the website, we give them the online tools they need to get in front of the right audience and be successful.”

Petpiggies plans to expand its business in the coming months by selling high-end merchandise based on images of their micro pigs taken by top photographer Paul Cocken.

To watch the Petpiggies and easyspace video click HERE


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