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Easyspace Makes New Scottish Domain Name .scot Available

16th July 2014 · Press Releases

iomart Domain Brand Easyspace Offers New Scottish Internet Identity

iomart’s domain name registrar Easyspace has been accredited to sell the new .scot domain name extension which will give Scottish businesses a unique internet identity.

Like iomart, Easyspace is headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland. It is a leading domain name registrar and web hosting company and an ICANN accredited domain name provider and is registering the interest of anyone who would like to buy the new generic top-level domain name (gTLD) .scot. Pre-registration will follow shortly.

Sarah Haran, managing director of Easyspace, said: “As a Scottish headquartered hosting company which keeps hundreds of Scottish businesses online we expect to see great interest in the new .scot domain. Having a .scot domain name, website or email address will help Scottish businesses and organisations and anyone with Scottish roots to stand out from the crowd online.”

.scot has just been launched by not-for-profit company Dot Scot Registry which describes the new domain name as “a community gTLD for the worldwide family of people who have a shared commitment to Scottish identity and culture.”

Gavin McCutcheon, director of the Dot Scot Registry, said: “The .scot domain is for anyone with an affinity to Scotland – you don’t need to be based here – to show off pride in their Scottish identity.

“For Scottish businesses and organisations, there’s obviously a part of this that can be about protecting trademarks but it’s also a fantastic way of expressing pride in Scotland as a land and the Scottish people. I’ve been really excited by seeing the organisations that have signed up to date and, judging by the initial flurry of interest, it’s going to be an exciting few months as we see more and more diverse companies express their pride in Scotland by using .scot.

“For me, the one thing I really want to see is .scot as a community across the globe.”

.scot is one of a huge range of new domain extensions that are being made available this year including .london, .uk, and .club. Easyspace has created a web portal with information on how to register your details for .scot and full details on how to register for many of the other domain names being made available

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